Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fist-Bumps All Round

Everyone and their brother will be posting about the inauguration of our NEW president today. From the Chief Justice's faux pas in swearing him in, to the color of the new first lady's dress, and it will be extensively reported that President Obama was inspiring in his speech and how the greatest takeaway most of us could have was his encouragement to put away childish things (i.e., grow up) and take responsibility for our own actions. It will also be extensively reported that his daughters were adorable in J. Crew and gave him the thumbs up on his activities to date.

But what about poor Dubya? After eight excruciating years, he retires as the least popular president since the measurements began. I am glad that the cameras and microphones did not pick up the rampant boos which reporters claimed were a part of the crowds on the mall. It's classier to just tip our hats and say, "Goodbye, Mr. President" and be thankful his term of office is over and be hopeful we can recover from the mess we now inherit.

Here's hoping that we each find a way to take up our part to help our new president in the days ahead. Because while it is convenient to use the 43rd president as a scapegoat and blame him for most of our ills today, it is for sure that one man alone didn't take us here...and it's for sure that one man alone won't get us out.

Get ready America. The Obama's have come to town. It's time for ALL of us to serve.


Kate Hanley said...


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Yes it is.

A's Mom said...

Nicely put! However, I sure would have liked to have been in Texas when the Bush's finally went home. Mainly because it was 40 degrees there and only 20 degrees here in D.C.

Chelle said...

Welcome back I missed you!

Mister-M said...

The irony of this is just that... the "grow up and take responsibility" jab, in an era where the government is enabling everyone... banks... automakers... mortgage lenders... and everyone else with their hands out... to do just the opposite.