Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Electronic Prepping for Travel

Remember when preparing to travel meant, suitcase, id, traveller's checks, and an airplane ticket in hand.

Today it's all about the electronics.  Charging is key.  I have fully charged my blackberry, my iPod, and my digital camera battery.  Then there is downloading.  The Grammies did their best and they hooked me.  This afternoon, I boarded the iTunes site and bought me some Pink, some Taylor Swift and some Lady Antebellum.  Two out of three "country" categories, which was a big change for me as I tend to pick up the "alternative" category most often.  While there, I also updated my podcasts and reminded myself that getting on line to do this only once every 6 weeks is just not enough. 

Next I need to re-set my voice mail and email out of office messages to ensure all the many important (not) communications get routed for the next two days.  Then, my timer goes off reminding me at the exact moment of the 24-hour mark to login to the airline website and get that extra legroom seat in the exit row.  Then print that boarding pass and stick it with my blackberry, iPod, and digital camera in my oversized purse to get away with extra storage and not have to check bags.

Using the ATM in the airport and/or upon arrivel negates the need for those traveller's checks.  Of course the standard packing, id, and other items still apply (except the original paper ticket)...the key to all of this is - warmth, sand, sun, family.  The next four days promise to be a nice break from cold, snow, grey skies, and....well...I will miss Hubby.

Hey Ma!  I'm on my way.


A's Mom said...

Enjoy the sun - we're getting another big one this weekend on the east coast!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Everything is all about the electronics today it seems--we really can't live without them.

Kate Hanley said...

The best part about prepping for travel is that it means you are going somewhere and it sounds like you're going somewhere nice so ENJOY!

jenn said...

I got a Kindle last year, and now it's my "must have" travel device.