Monday, July 12, 2010

A Love Story

On Saturday I was introduced to Theresa and her husband Michael.  What an incredibly lovely couple. 

Introduced by Theresa's sister Marie, I spent the entire day getting to know them.  First I heard about their wedding. Everything about it was fairy tale....

But what I loved about it more than its elegance and style was the obvious fun-loving couple whose personality could not be contained by the couture of their dress or the formality of the occasion.

It was hard to put these two in the category of the high-powered couple I knew them to be.  A big-time wall street banker and an up and coming  fashion designer.  But they were also avid outdoors people - with a cabin in the woods to balance the Manhattan duplex, and a love of every sport imaginable to counter long days and nights at an office or business travel.  

Theresa, I learned, inherited her beauty and dancing grace from her mother. Michael, in turn, came from a rough and tumble family of siblings, all ready to tackle any physical, or mental, challenge.

Together, they were the perfect couple.  Obviously passionately in love, they were very vocal in their devotion.  Cards, letters, even post-it notes, left in little cupboards and hiding spaces for one another to find, kept the romance alive.  If ever there was a match made in heaven this one is it.

Rarely have I met a couple so full of love and life.  Which is what makes it so much harder to say good-bye.  Because you see, I met this couple on Saturday July 10th, five days after their death in a small plane crash.  During the course of one day, as I helped my friend Marie sort through so many memories, I felt that I was actually getting to know this incredible pair.  And it is with profound regret, that I met, loved, and lost these two all in 24 hours.

On Monday we will attend the funeral mass in the same church they were married in only 6 years ago.  And at the reception that follows, we will view the more than 180 slides of photos that we put together this weekend.  What an incredible honor it was to me to be a part of this memorial.  Theresa and Michael were two people who lived and loved fully...and while we have been cheated of years of their presence, they were not cheated of a moment of joy while on this earth. 

A match made in heaven, that continues in heaven.  A true love story.  May their families find some peace and comfort believing in the power and grace of that love.

pictures courtesy of the family


mkosboth said...

What a sweet tribute to such a tragic set of circumstances. How wonderful you could be there to support your friend.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

So sad.

Chelle said...

I don't know what to say except, your love and support will help the family through it.

Mama Lou said...

I feel like I also know them and what a beautiful tribute you wrote.

Susan said...

What lovely people and what promise has been lost.

mrwriteon said...

What a thud, darlin'. I was getting to really like those people and thinking how much I wouldn't mind knowing them, too. And then you offered the full reality. How terribly sad. I am sorry, but there are good and bad people in the world, and I hate it when awful things happen to good people. I agree with what Mama Lou writes, and your tribute is lovely. They were lucky to have a friend like you, too.