Thursday, August 19, 2010

After the Silence

So I'm suddenly bubbling over with stuff to say.  And of course that means that I won't be able to say much of anything that actually makes sense...and that I a bit?

So consider that your warning.

I'm going to focus on one theme with several elements.  The theme?  Aging.

Ok, consider that your second warning.  Continue at your own risk.

I've been a little obsessed lately with aging. First, there has been the most definite shift to most conversations in my life being about health related topics.  Mine.  My friends.  My relatives.  My co-workers.  My co-workers' relatives.  My friends' relatives.  My friends' coworkers.  You name it.  If they are within six degrees of Wenderina there is bound to be some kind of  "...And then the Doctor said..." in our discussion.  Ugh.  I mean I really am interested in the lives of the people around me (and am absolutely certain they are fascinated by my tales of aches and pains), but what happened to talking about the latest gossip?  the latest movie? book? political scandal? dirty joke? etc.  Why does almost every topic lead to bowels, menstrual cycles, blood pressure, and psychoses?

Then, I was standing in the bathroom at work in a snug-fit t-shirt and I noticed....a problem with headlights...IF you know what I mean.  Since when are the girls looking like a wall-eyed hillbilly?  I mean one was pointing up and to the right and the other was pointing down and to the left.  They looked like they were trying to run away from one another!

Then there is the ever growing "senior moments".  Where are my keys?  Where is my camera memory card? Where is my credit card? Where is my purse?  What did I walk in this room to do?  What was I supposed to get done this morning?  Where is the meeting?  What comes after 3?  What is that person's name?  Yes, the person I've worked with for 10 years...I'm drawing a blank.  I'm drawing lots of blanks.

I'm theorizing that a vacation is what is needed.  So...we are counting down. Eight days until this:

Cape Cod we come.  Hope my old bones can handle it.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I'm sure it is exactly what your not-so-old bones need. Have a blast!

mkosboth said...

Bahahaha. The headlights comment. TOTALLY understand where you are coming from. Add to that the explosion of chin hair and I have become my grandmother.

A's Mom said...

The number 4 comes after 3. Don't worry, I forget that one sometimes too. :)

Shaz said...

Bwahahahaha...I absolutely related to your blog. I too am a 40 plus with similar concerns. My most important item of clothing has become my padded bra (they can run all over the place if they wish. Enjoyed your blog