Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Blogless.  Without content or substance of writing material.  Boring.  Tepid.  Burnt out.  Tired.  Sleepless in Suffern.

This is me.

I'm trying to figure out if I miss it, or if I'm cutting the cord somehow.  Every day a fleeting thought will, well...flit...and then it is gone.  Not so much an idea as a cobweb clearing from my brain.  It is difficult for me to believe that I completed a vacation, dodged a hurricane, engaged in (and have nearly completed) my first corporate video project (without  a single co-writer, brainstorm partner, or sounding board), carried a department and a half on my back for the past two weeks, and I still have little or nothing to say.

So what ELSE have I been doing instead of blogging???

I did have a minor heart attack yesterday when the hotel in Venice was missing our reservations and I thought we'd sleeping in a gondola for two nights.

I did laugh hysterically at my cat finding a new place to cuddle - in my pants as they were pulled down to my ankles while I was on the toilet.

I did shake my head in wonder when our housesitter told us that Kitty Potato Head has moved on from potatoes to bananas, which she apparently stole and hid all over the house.

I did throw up a little in my mouth when we discovered a rotting (read: liquified and buggy) old bag of potatoes stuck in the bread box and forgotten.

I did get sucked in to XM radio and am considering paying their stupid fee to continue having at least one thing on my radio without a crank-calling, obnoxious, dirty minded, obnoxious, tractor pull screaming, obnoxious DJ.

I did finish re-reading the first six and reading the seventh book in the Diana Gabaldon Outlander series (from December until August!!!)  And just when I was convinced I had finally OD'd on these characters and the degrading storyline, she left me with just enough cliffhangers for characters I had followed through these impressive heavy tomes that I dragged around in my bag for 9 months, that I feel the need for Book #8.  Hats off Ms. Gabaldon.  I thought I was done.

I did read a shorter and poignant book - Waiting to Surface.  It was even more compelling of a story when I realized it was semi-autobiographical for the author.  But I still can't imagine living with the not knowing.

I did complete the itinerary and bookings (with only the one SNAFU aka minor heart attack, which has now been rectified) for our trip to Italy.  I swear when I get there, everyone else is going to have to take control cuz I'm tapped out.

I did lay in a prone position for nearly four days after our return from Cape Cod, moving from bed, to couch, to lounge chair at pool, and back again.  Man did I need that.

I did complete about 18 loads of laundry, purchase 11 outfits on sale from Coldwater Creek, swallow the cost of a REAL suitcase not the kind you get 5 for 40 bucks and then pack/unpack/pack/half-unpack,  I did locate at the 6th store a messenger bag suitable for warding off even the most enterprising Gypsies in Rome - I hope.

I did clean my plant shelf/bay window and reduce the dead plantings and cut back the jungle to about half.

And amongst all of that I also managed to sleep a few hours, do a LOT of corporate duty, and get a tan.

So now you know why I've been blogless.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

The potato thing alone would have rendered me helpless.

I think it's okay not to blog when life is a whirlwind--just don't give it up for good until AFTER the Italy recap. Some of us are planning on vacationing vicariously through you!

AmyBow said...

i miss you

Chelle said...

Well thank God your back!

Kate Hanley said...

Funny, I went blogless for a while and I'm just back these past two weeks. I had the same thoughts: am i done? do i need to re-vamp? have i nothing left to say? It's fun though, coming back so I hope you stay. And I sincerely hope you do not find any more rotting potatoes. : )

Ian Lidster said...

Hardly blogless, darling. That was pricelessly funny life vignettes, and they're the best kind. I enjoyed it all, and especially the kitty nestled in your dropped down drawers.

Susan said...

Anh here I thought you ere already gone to Italy...now I am looking forward to hearing about that in addition to all your other little moments.