Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Our trip to Italy was all about seeing the sights by foot.  From the moment we hit the ground we got out our trusty little tourist maps, sometimes consulted John's iPhone, and made our way around the miles and miles of foreign streets.

Dig those brick/stone streets.

The iPhone GPS..."where the hell are we" tool.

The low-tech "I can get this faster by paper" tourist map.

Hey - do you know where we get that bus?  
Maybe if we look up there will be a sign.

I wouldn't have done it any other way.

And I wouldn't have done it in any other shoes than my new skechers.

They were a last minute purchase and I'm so glad I got them.  I never had a single blister or sore foot despite hours and hours and hours of walking.

Today, I had a meeting in Manhattan.  I checked out the location, checked out the weather, and said - PERFECT!  I can continue my trend of city walking!  It would be 1 mile from my office parking garage to the train station, and 1 mile from Grand Central to the office on 59th street for the meeting.  Then the same back again.  Four miles??? Child's play, I thought.

And about 2 blocks into my walk today, I realized the one fatal flaw to my plans.

No skechers.

Instead I had on a pair of black heels to go with my professional suit.

But I refused to give up my walk on such a glorious day.  I saw a film crew in downtown White Plains...who knew anyone would film there?  I saw an impromptu news conference on Park Avenue with a loud yelling professional ranting about injustices of some type.  I noticed how the beautiful blue autumn sky was perfectly reflected in the glass skyscrapers.  I noticed that someone had piled dog poop on top of one of those elevated solar panels on the street (???).  I noticed the architecture on Lexington, Park, and Madison avenues....with a whole new appreciation for the (lack of) age compared to the Pantheon or the Coliseum.

I would not have given up today's walk for anything.

But man, oh man, are my feet sore.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

If you want to continue your walking, but in cute, professional shoes, you must check out Born shoes--so comfy I can stand in front of a classroom in them all day without once thinking about my feet.

Ah, Italy! Someday.

Susan said...

I love the look of those Sketchers! My kids tease me about my compfy shoes, I'll bet they would think those were ok. I had to give up heel years ago when I developed arthritis on the top on one of my feet - in all those little joints that flex when up in heels - ouch.