Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday Feelings

I feel:

The office is so quiet today you can hear every little paper being jostled on every desk. The air outside is rapidly chilling as we await the storm coming from the midwest. I'm quietly working my way through my list of things to do...I'm feeling like for a week where I was out sick for two days and still hacking away with a cough that I've done enough and accomplished plenty. No pressure today.

I'm cuddled in my "emergency" sweater - an ugly but heavy duty wool ski cardigan I keep at my desk for cold days. The sky outside is grey and the plants on my desk give me the only touch of nature's color.

I'll miss the morning sun that has just begun to bring me that feeling of Spring coming soon. But we must turn forward the clocks tomorrow and that's okay because the light at the end of the day is just as welcome.

So quiet contemplation is the feeling of the afternoon. Slow down and enjoy it.

1 comment:

Josie said...

What a great post! I have often felt that way as well. I will miss the morning sunshine pouring in through my windows. My place faces east, so I prefer sunshine in the morning rather than in the evening. But... it will be back in the morning soon as well, in another month or so.

Have a great, relaxing weekend!