Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Days are Full of.......

8:30 AM Rain and traffic.
Took 3 calls on way to work (shhhhh - don't tell the cops) and was already frazzled by the time I arrived.

9:30 AM Edited "I Love Lucy" episode for the Chairman of the Board to use at Shareholder Meeting. At least I got a few chuckles out of this one.

10:00 AM Exchanged logistics emails with our "Art Director/Video" consultant who is supposed to be completing a video for us next week and has just flown to Boca Raton because his father is ill. Help!

10:30 AM Exchange with HR on miscommunications regarding employee status. And felt they were totally trying to snow me on whose fault it was.

11:00 AM Group Meeting. Realized I had 12 more deadlines than I was truly aware of. Sigh.

12:00 PM Walked to cafeteria - in pouring rain - through puddles - and back again. It was the HIGHLIGHT OF MY DAY.

12:30 PM Review of Annual Report draft - needs total re-write - Today. Sigh.

2:00 PM Meeting with another HR person on employee relations issues. Luckily we laughed our way through it, but ultimately the discussion is still painful.

3:00 PM Odds and ends and life's little emergencies.

5:30 PM Setup to videotape Chairman for Year in Review summary.

6:00 PM Chairman arrives (aka the talent) and setup is in technology turmoil. After making small talk for 25 minutes trying to cover for the delays, finally sent Chairman away and promised to call him when ready.

6:50 PM Technology SNAFU solved, brought Chairman back for walk and talk on video.

7:15 PM Completed about 6 takes - hope we got what we need.

7:30 PM Breakdown of equipment completed.

8:00 PM Back at desk re-writing Annual Report.

"Like the sands through the hourglass, these are the Days of MY Life"


KiKi said...

You need a cookie. Or better yet, a massage.(I can't believe I just said something's better than a cookie. No wonder you barely came up for air today. Poor Dubs - that day really sucked, and I would've been a whole lot pissier than you were. I gotta start dragging myself back in to work at a decent hour so I can walk thru puddles with you.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

At least you'll always have your blog . . .

Maybe tomorrow will be better?

Cheri said...

You need a Dove dark chocolate egg.

Stephanie said...

Definitely Dove...

And a cookie...

And a massage...

Don't you wonder sometimes why life has to constantly be interrupted by work? ;)

Hope today is better.