Saturday, August 30, 2008

Card Sharks

One of our favorite things at the Cape is playing cards. In the past, it's been adult time - after kids are safely ensconced in front of TV/video, or dozing in their beds we break out the deck and play King Rummy, or Hearts, and rarely Poker. But this year the games of choice seemed to be driven by the 7-year old cutey of our group and we were all about Crazy 8's...and of course...the age old favorite - Old Maid.
It's all about the shuffle you know.

And sometimes you need a little help with sorting the cards, and Daddy's there to cheat...I mean help.

Only two players..."I don't have the old maid...I wonder who does Aunt Wenderina?"

The matches are piling up...

And in the end...someone has to be the old maid.

Don't let that face fool you...she was a good long as we were willing to play again.
Shuffle up and deal.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Playing cards before breakfast is one of our favorite vacation pasttimes. Rummy all the way, baby!

Mama Lou said...

So glad you are keeping up your card playing expertise!!!