Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Comment Conversations

I've discovered that I'm a faithful reader, and I'm a pretty good commenter (that's probably not a word, but you know what I mean), but I'm definitely no good at the comment conversations that take place on many blogs.

I was recently over at Deadpan and let me tell you, that Wanda and her faithful friends are truly committed to conversation. I just don't have the stamina.

When I first started commenting I would check the box to receive follow-up comments, but my inbox was inundated with stuff I really couldn't care less about reading or responding to, so I stopped that practice.

Then, I started trying to respond to my own commenters, but it never picked up any speed, so I quit that too.

So now, essentially, I am out there on my blog and others saying what I want to say, but not entertaining any kind of two-way conversations. Sometimes I even comment on a random blog I stumble upon that I can never locate again. That's what I call a drive-by commenting.

I know it's a little limiting in building a relationship with my blogger friends - so forgive me my shortcomings. In the meantime, I do read all your comments, so if you want a response - be sure to say that...or email me at wenderina at gmail dot com.

In fact, if you are a lurker, de-lurk now and tell me what you think, ask me a question, or just say hey. I could use some comment-love.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Not a lurker, but sending comment-love anyway!

so NOT cool said...

Yeah, anothing NOTlurker, but wanted to say that I have SO MUCH TROUBLE keeping up with commenting and replying to comments. I aspire to be like those who can reply to most comments, or return the favor by commenting on the blogs of their readers, but I just can't keep up. So, my commenting is generally sporadic and, thusly, so are the amount of comments that I receive.

AmyBow said...

I also always wonder if people expect me to reply to their comment questions in my comments. Do I reply on their blog? Are they just rhetorical questions? (NO, you do not need to answer; YES, these are rhetorical)

cassee01 said...

I can so relate to this!

Wanda Rizzuto said...

Oh! How did I miss this?

My readers thank you for the kind compliment. I understand what you mean about commenting though, it's hard when you're obligated to so many others in the blogosphere.

Please do keep visiting though, I can feel your lurking vibes.

Wanda Rizzuto said...

I should also probably add that my comments (and page views) have gone through the roof since the Orlando Bloom fangirls discovered me. They're a fun bunch but they can be a little scary sometimes. One night they had a party on my blog, it was quite an experience.