Monday, September 15, 2008


So, I was reading my goals in this post, and thought I'd give myself a progress report. I think this may also have been brought on by the slightly nostalgic and often disheartening review of my high school yearbook this weekend and all of my high school report cards (yes, I still have them, don't ask me why.)
  1. Get to work earlier and leave earlier. Not too bad here, I'm proud to say. I've not been great about getting in a lot earlier, but my late nights have radically decreased. They seemed to spike again just recently, but that was the post vacation deadline-induced workload and I think it is settling down again. I'd like to claim this as a new habit...but I'll wait until a little more time has gone by.

    GRADE: B+

  2. Eat better. This was a really slow starter...I kept putting it off and I am a huge stress eater and work has been a bit stressful, so the vending machine was my best friend. That being said, the last two weeks have been diet central at home and Hubby and I are on track for a good Autumn season of weight loss (fingers crossed). At the very least, we are eating much healthier, including oatmeal breakfasts, light lunches, and light dinners. And sugar free jello and jello pudding are our favorite treats to get us through the long evenings without snacks.

    GRADE: C (but potential for improvement)

  3. Swim every night. I did really well with this for about 2.5 weeks, but I haven't been in the pool now since the 1st week of August We had a short cold spell and I used it as an excuse to break the habit...maybe next year.

    GRADE: C-

  4. Be more efficient with time. So-So here. I find what I have been doing is prioritizing, but sometimes procrastinating too. I've been better at work, and probably worse at home. All those Honey-Do projects are just hanging out there. The good news is, no home improvements means less money spent - and that is a goal too!

    GRADE: B-

  5. Make time for friends. I've definitely done that - going for dinners/movies with friends, a spa weekend, our vacation, some BBQs and other gatherings. Although I don't feel as guilty as I used to if a week goes by without some interaction with friends. I've noticed that if I don't instigate it, it usually doesn't happen, so I guess everyone is busy. My friends are very important to me though, so I'll keep on top of this.

    GRADE: A

  6. Enjoy minor victories. I think my mind has been ready to accept the smaller victories, but I don't think I've paid much attention to working toward any. At least not on the home front. School is back in session now though, work is crazy, but the Fall/Winter always brings a greater focus on those indoor projects and chores, so this could be coming.

    GRADE: I (incomplete)

Yup. This pretty much sums up my high school grades too. Kind of all over the place. Those areas I prioritized or had some selfish interest in went well...those others...not so well.

In the coming months, I'm going to stay focused on these (except exchange the swimming item for walking or some other form of exercise). One thing I've learned the hard way is too many goals just sets you up for disappointment. Keep it simple stupid.


Mrs. G. said...

I think this qualifies as a good report card.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I like the way you've laid this out. A work in progress . . .

so NOT cool said...

Definitely a good report card. Speaking of which, I should do one ... or, JUST DO MY HOMEWORK!

Mama Lou said...

What are the words to that old song from GIGI--"Ah, I remember it well"
I support all your efforts and know you will succeed.

A's Mom said...

"Keep it simple stupid." Well said.