Thursday, November 13, 2008

Things You Don't Expect (Want) to Hear at Work

Worker Bee #1 during Ethics Meeting today: "What is this meeting about?"

Worker Bee #2: "Ethics and stuff"

Worker Bee #1: "Ooohh....we must have done something bad if they're training us on this."


Me: (helping co-worker roll up large display banners) "Tighter! Weren't you a girl scout or campfire girl or something? Don't you know how to roll up your sleeping bag really small?"

Her: "I WAS a Girl Scout, but when they got to the part where they said - sleep outside and camping - I said NUH UH...that ain't me. Where do I join the scouts with the Holiday Inns?"


Boss Lady: "blah blah blah, work work, blah blah....JUDY! What is that you just ate?...

Judy: "A raisinette, why?"

Boss Lady: "Are you sure it was a raisinette or was it a dropping??!?!?!?"

Judy: "I know a raisinette when I see one."

Boss Lady: {laughing uncontrollably} "Ooookaaaay"


Amybow: "Judy?"

Judy: "hmmm??"

Amybow: "Judy what is that on the seat of your pants? A lifesaver?"

Judy: (twisting around awkwardly) "Um...I don't know...well I'll be IS a did THAT get there."

Me (to myself): "Please please don't let her eat it."


Lord Love A Duck.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

At least you're laughing!

Stephanie said...

And at least you're also making us laugh! I think that's worth quite a bit... :)