Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Pipes, the Pipes are Calling...

Our sweet little old 1930's cottage has been experiencing some plumbing issues lately. Nothing major, no need to call in the professionals, but just enough trouble to send hubby on repeated trips to the hardware store and to cast many many MANY 4-letter words into the air waves.

Amazingly enough we actually broke off the little doo-hickey (my word of course) that makes the sink drain plug go up and down. So right now, it just goes down and stays down. Obviously not an ideal situation, so I pulled it out and now it sits harmlessly on the side of the sink. A good interim solution right? Well yeah, until the stupid cat starts depositing anything she can think of into the hole - like the top to the toothpaste, a screw, and maybe a bug or two. So now, we need to unplug the pipe as well as replace the broken doo-hickey. And needless to say - finding quality parts to fit our old house pipes is a tricky thing. Hubby has brought home supplies twice only to find he would have to buy additional parts just to make the connections all fit together right.

Then after briefly giving up on that home repair, we realized a constant hissing noise coming from the toilet in our 2nd bathroom. Hubby made jokes about plumbing issues but quickly lost his good mood when he tweaked the toilet doo-hickey (not the same thing as the sink, but another unnamed part) that helps to flow the water into the tank and more importantly helps to STOP the water from OVERFLOWING the tank and it fell off right in his hands! The water started gushing into the tank quickly heading toward the top. Luckily I was close enough to dive under the toilet and twist the shut-off valve while Hubby smartly hit the flusher to empty the bowl and the tank. Hubby gently replaced the part (which still hisses noisily) but at least it functions to maintain the tank water level.

So...the plumbing woes shall continue until Hubby can get the time, and the right parts, to make them all better. I'm thinking September.

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A's Mom said...

I hate house plumbing problems. Our house isn't that old (1980's) but we have the same problem every time we need to replace/fix something.