Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Gourmet Palette...Not

I have the palette of a 12 year old. I prefer a cold pop-tart in the car, to eggs florentine served to me in bed. I prefer a PB&J sandwich to a focaccia turkey club. I prefer campbell's chicken soup and grilled cheese (with yellow american singles) sandwich to any homemde soup on the planet.

Face it. I'll never appreciate gourmet anything.


This is rather sad considering that hubby has the aptitude and potential to become a gourmet, if only someone would show an interest.

Don't get me wrong, when he is inspired and comes up with a multi-course meal for us or for company, I always enjoy it. But I'm not driven by it and am just fine grabbing something fast and ready to serve (frozen french bread pizza anyone?).

Because of this, when hubby asks me plaintively, "What do you want for dinner, babe?" I know he hopes for an answer of roast chicken and fresh veggies, served on a bed of wild rice, with a spinach salad and warm ginger dressing, a nice crisp chardonnay, and a poached pear for dessert. Now that does sound yummy. But so does a subway roast beef hero. And much faster to attain and can be eaten on the couch, or on the go.

I wonder if we had children ourselves if I would have been forced to develop a grownup palette just to be able to say, "I can't believe what you kids will eat!".

I have improved a little, I guess. I no longer eat McDonalds. It still smells yummy to me, but my stomach just can't handle it anymore. And I no longer eat spaghettios - a staple of my youth and young adult years - with meatballs OR franks. At some point I just learned to make pasta and sauce (from a jar) and went with that.

One small step for wenderina, one large step for 12 year olds everywhere.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Your husband can come cook for me anytime!

Ian Lidster said...

I've often thought I'd like to open a restaurant that served only 'comfort' food like meatloaf and mashed potatoes, or potroast, or franks and beans. I bet it would be very successful. Sometimes only simple fare will do. So, don't worry. We like what we like, and there is never anything wrong with peanut butter. Hot toast and PB is the best.

A's Mom said...

Well atleast I know Little A will have a great time at your place if he ever comes to visit.