Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Back to Normal - Sort Of

Well after hosting Mom's annual visit here (thanks again Mom - I always appreciate that you make many more trips here than I do there) and a quick business trip to Birmingham AL for work and play (thanks Paddy, Edel, Conor and Lauren for a lovely stay at Chez F), things should begin to settle back to normal...or as normal as it gets around here.

Last week when we visited with Little Man A and family, we had the added honor of serving as courier service for the always wonderful and entertaining Zeze's 5-year scrapbook. You see, Little Man A's talented Mom has taken her amateur status pro and she's doing scrapbooking for others. I was stunned by the beautiful job she did with Zeze's scrapbook. Because Kiki is a strict no photo blogger, I did not scan to share any of the pages, but I was so tempted...the layouts were so creative and the scrapbook is not just an album, but an heirloom.

So A's Mom is open for business and I arrived in time to deliver her next wedding album. Yes folks, in october we will be celebrating our 19th anniversary and we have no wedding album. So, I decided to give her a real challenge. Take 19 year old photos of a 1989 (god the fashion and hairdo horrors) and turn it into a classy scrapbook/keepsake that I will be able to look at without cringing and maybe figure out a way to insert a little style that I obviously did not have at that time (excuse: age 22). Quite a task...but I know A's Mom is up to it. You just have to see her creative work to know it.... like this, and this, and this. Her website is being built and I'll be happy to announce it with fanfare when up and running for business. In the meantime, if you have any interest, visit her blog and leave her a comment here.

As I dug through old cards, love notes, letters, and keepsakes to add to the wedding photos, I was amazed at how time has flown by. I even stumbled onto my senior banquet (high school) program, in which predictions were made for each of the class members. I laughed when I read mine, which said, "Wenderina will still be saying, 'Oh My God! I totally forgot!!" I laughed because I actually believed my memory issues were a recent development (due to the diet pepsi poisoning) AND that I had "totally forgotten" that this was even my class prophecy.

So, I'm back to trying to blog more often, getting crap out of my brain to provide fodder for all of you...and I'm trying to REMEMBER stuff and not live up to my prophecy...and I'm really looking forward to that wedding album...but no pressure for A's Mom...since it has been 19 years already.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

A project of similar magnitude is totally on my to-do list; yet here I am--blogging!

KiKi said...

Can I just say that when I saw that amazing scrapbook, I wanted to scan every page and show it online? I've flipped through what's available in stores and nothing ever moved me. So it was a most unexpected pleasure to see just how well A's Mom used her extraordinary talents to create that masterpiece. When I stop being so paranoid, I just might share it online, just so that people can see I'm not exaggerating. I shared it around the office and I do believe A's Mom will have her hands full in no time.

P.S. LOL at the "fashion and hairdo horrors." Surely it wasn't that bad. Can't wait to see it.

A's Mom said...

Ok, you are just too cool for advertising for me. THANKS! And hopefully that website will be up and running VERY soon.

Can't wait to get started on your keepsake!