Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dads and Moms

This weekend I was thinking of my Dad because I was wearing jeans.

Is that a sentence you ever thought you would read?

Well, it's true. I hardly ever wear jeans. I'm usually in dress clothes for work, or in pajamas. There really is very little in between for me. Sometimes I dress up from the P.J.s into sweats. But for the most part, I'm at one end of the spectrum or the other.

But when I have school, I get the jeans out.

Funny though, when I was in school for my undergrad, I sometimes went to class in PJs.

Anyway, the jeans...well...after my Dad passed away, my mom, my sister, my brother and I went through some of his clothes. I selected a handful of sweatshirts or flannels that would be nice to have to cuddle up in once in a while. But what I really love is an old belt of his. This belt is really worn down, and it doesn't have it's loop any longer, but it is wide and black, with a big worn out and scratched silver buckle and it's perfect with my jeans.

It used to hang down in his workshop in the basement. I have no idea why it was there, but that's where I found it. Now it hangs on a hook in my closet, and it's just a little momento that takes me home again.


On Thursday my Mom will be here. After Dad died, we started a tradition - although we didn't know it would become tradition - for her to come for an extended stay in the Spring. We tend to center it around Mother's Day, and I usually put her to work in my garden. Because I HATE gardening, but I love gardens, and she is one MEAN gardener.

This year, I've contracted a landscaper to do all the mulching, edging, and weeding to get us started. Usually this is the backbreaking work my mom does while I'm at the office. But this year we're going to see A's Mom (my niece, Mom's grandaughter) and Little Man A (Mom's great grandson, my great-nephew) for a few days and won't it be nice that all we need to concentrate on is buying and planting some flowers.

I have to admit, I'm usually stressed until she gets here - making sure house is clean, office work is done (so I can take the week off), guest room is prepared, groceries for more than 1 day in advance (frozen pizzas and expired salad dressings do NOT count by the way) etc. etc. You know, all those things we do to make our moms proud of our home-making abilities. But, truth is, I really look forward to this tradition - and the one on one time Mom and I get to have for the week, the way she helps me slow down my pace in one way (office/work) and pick it up in others (getting out of house, yardwork, etc). And the time flies by when she is here. And when we are not being Alpha females and fighting over applesauce (long story), we are really pretty good friends.


I'm sure at least once while she's visiting, I'll break out the jeans, and put on the belt, and the three of us will be together again.


And at the end of her stay, we'll be joined by my favorite brother-in-law and Unc, probably my in-laws, and a maybe even a few friends, and we'll finish off the week with a nice couple of days of food, family, and friends.


Dad would love it.


Ian Lidster said...

Office attire to jammies. You sound like my wife.

Lovely photo of you and your mom, and thank you for the reminiscence. I like functional families.

A's Mom said...

Maybe I should start something like this with my mom. Although her school schedule doesn't exactly make things easy.

Stephanie said...


My mom lives close. Maybe we should start a tradition like that. Because it seems like the fact that she's close means that we don't get together often enough.

I am PJs kind of gal, too. And dressed up for work. Not so much the jeans. Love the idea of having the belt for remembrances though. Your Dad must have been one heck of a guy.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story/blog post. It's such a blessing that you have all those wonderful times and memories!

Wanda Rizzuto said...

Sounds like a good time Wenderina. Is that your husband in the CIA swag?