Friday, May 2, 2008

Me & Amybow & Instant Messenger

Wenderina[10:10 AM]:
Wanna laugh?

Amybow [10:11 AM]:
i love to laugh

Wenderina[10:11 AM]:
Gina got a comment on a slide that said FBSTCHAC.

Amybow [10:11 AM]:

Wenderina [10:11 AM]:
She assumed it was some kind of technical acronym and put it where they had written it.
On the next draft they commented again (in a rather condescending way)
FBSTCHAC does NOT belong on the slide.
It means Fix Background So That Column Headers Are Clear.

Amybow [10:12 AM]:

Wenderina [10:12 AM]:
How could we NOT know that?

Amybow [10:12 AM]:
was this some young, text messaging wippersnapper?

Wenderina [10:12 AM]:
No. Just new to us.

I even Googled it to see if it was some editor's note that we just weren't familiar with. No result.

Amybow [10:12 AM]:
Should we add it to acronym finder?

Wenderina [10:12 AM]:
I should do that.
Too funny.

Amybow[10:12 AM]:
that is really funny.
people are nuts

Amybow [10:14 AM]:

Wenderina [10:14 AM]:

Amybow [10:14 AM]:
enjoy the rest of your day
i figure i can make up acronyms like anyone else

Wenderina[10:14 AM]:
You are the COOLEST

Amybow [10:15 AM]:
you know it

Editor's Note: Another productive work day.


KiKi said...


you guys are nuts. hilarious, but nuts.

Minnesota Matron said...

Now I see the allure.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Thanks for the info.


AmyBow said...

If I knew that convo would make it to the world famous Anxious Moments blog I would have tried to be even hipper. Like that is possible...

That Chick Over There said...

Sadly, I would not have done quite this well with this.

Josie said...

That made me laugh out loud. Six years ago when I first started working where I work now, I made a list of the acronyms and what they actually mean and it was three pages long.


Stephanie said...

That was hilarious. I'm so going to use ETROYD (even though it brings a large, buff dude to mind for some reason). :)