Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Living Up to My Reputation

Remember that great ad campaign?

This is your brain.

Frying Pan.
This is drugs.

Cracked Egg in Frying Pan sizzling away.
This is your brain on drugs.

Substitute "Job" for drugs and you've got my brain of late. It's a damn good think my parents filled up my being with lots of common sense, intuition, and guts because that's what I'm operating on right now. The synapse firing part of my brain?


So what might drive fear into my soul the most right now? A request by Mrs. G. to write for her world renowned website - the Women's Colony.

Her actual request to me:
"mrs. g. here. would you consider writing about your experiences in the working world..being a strong woman who makes her own way. Think about it. Many readers have expressed an interest in this kind of story, advice. Thank you, W"

A strong woman who makes her own way!

I think Mrs. G. just wrote my epitaph. Or perhaps she wrote the title of a highly fictionalized autobiography. Depends on the day I guess.

Wenderina is putting on her thinking cap. Twisting her mind to speak in the third person as Mrs. G does and seeking inspiration in her addled brain.

But for tonight?

Frying Pan.



Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I can't wait to read it.

Kate Hanley said...

I second Jenn, can't wait to read it.