Wednesday, August 19, 2009

(Not so) Skinny Dipping

Last night was the night I wait for all summer. The perfect blending of hot summer night, warmed pool water, and a quiet neighborhood. At midnight I stealthily exited my kitchen door and was pleasantly greeted by that night air so heavy you can cut it with a knife. I dipped my toe in the water and checked the temp...finally...after hovering around 70 for most of the season, a few hot days and nights in a row had raised it to about 78 degrees. With the air temp still hovering at about 85 it was the perfect difference to be refreshing and relaxing.

My nightgown hit the ground with a soft swish and I stepped into the pool. Gliding back and forth, the silence was only broken by the lapping water and the crickets call. All around me the fireflies were dancing and their glow was intensified by the darkened cloudy sky, providing the only light source except what softly spilled out from our windows.

I glanced over to the kitchen door and saw both cats silhouetted with their heads swiveling back and forth like a slow motion crowd shot at Wimbledon, watching me as I swam slow laps.

Everything was perfect.

Until I reached for a towel and realized I had none.


Pat said...

I remember sneaking out to the pool on oppressive summer nights pre air conditioning, but I LOL at the ending.

Mama Lou said...

Where was hubby??

Chelle said...

no photo to accompany the story?
That was one of my favorite activities when I lived in Florida, so relaxing and peaceful

Jude said...

Pictures? That was a great story!!

Anonymous said...

That's too funny! Good thing you were in your own back yard!