Monday, August 17, 2009

Separate but Equal

This post is not about what you think it is about. This is about one day. One day in a solid and happy marriage. Specifically it is about this Saturday in my marriage.

When we awoke on Saturday we saw, an unusual thing stretched before us. A found day. Yes there were errands to run. Yes, blackberries needed to be monitored. But the sun was shining. Work needs were less than anticipated. And we had no real obligations except to our own purposes. We sat eating breakfast and thought about what we wanted to do for the day.

Hubby was keen on finding a cave called the Stone Church and photographing it. Wenderina was focused on finalizing her bridesmaid duties by ordering dress, slip, sash, shoes, and then checking out some end of summer sales for seasonal clothing.

We went our separate ways and promised that the first one headed home would take care of picking up groceries for dinner.

For a day spent completely separated - by 10AM we were both on our way in opposite directions - I felt very in tune with Hubby. It was a cheerful and relaxing day for both of us. By mid afternoon we figured out I was closest to grocery store so I took that on. Hubby arrived home after 5:30 and took on the cooking duties while I lounged by the pool. We sat down for dinner and talked about our day and it was lovely.

I thought about how the day might have gone if one or the other of us had been dragged into the agenda of our spouse for the sake of spending some found time together. I doubt it would have ended so well. So even though we spent many hours apart, we were equal in our enjoyment and in sync with one another.

I accomplished my goals - the dress and duties are done. Hubby accomplished his (check out his photos!). And in the end we came together to share the happy results of our day. Sometimes separate but equal works.


Jude said...

That's what marrigage is about - separate lives together till the end!

pinklea said...

That's what we sometimes forget in a marriage: you don't HAVE to, nor should you WANT to, be together 24/7. I think every spouse is a far more interesting person if you makes the effort to do your own separate thing on a regular basis - you just have to make an equal effort to come back together even more regularly!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Those photos are gorgeous.

I know exactly what you mean about separate but equal.