Monday, August 24, 2009

T-5 days and Counting

Every summer, we return to our favorite place - Cape Cod, with some of our favorite friends - and have a waterfront vacation. This will be our 8th year in a row. For the most part, it has been a smooth ride. A few bumps here and there (I revolted last year and demanded we switch houses after I had reached my ant/mouse/filth limit with the old place), but all in all, it's a good time.

We are currently in the countdown period which we fill with shopping lists (I'm bringing the ketchup and mustard, you bring the bbq sauce...etc.), packing lists (how many suits are you bringing this year? are your beach chairs in good shape?) and of course, weather forecasts. We start with the extended 15 day outlook which usually has little resemblance to actual weather that far out. Today we're looking at the 10-day. It's been slowly improving (Hurricane Bill was a worry). You see, after one particularly bad weather year at the Cape we determined packing five adults, a teenager and a child together into one tiny house was not a good combination if there is no sunny beach to run to. Hubby #2 and I have a pact that if it sucks that bad, we're heading home...we'll leave the rest of the crew there.

While we return to the Cape every year, we've begun to shake it up a bit with the actual rental address. After 6 years at the same place (great Location, not so great accommodations) we selected a new site in 2008. The house was beautiful, well maintained, smelled good, and had no pest issues....believe me a BIG step up in addressing my pet peeves. But had some shortfalls in other issues in layout, privacy, and beach quality. So, onward and upward - we'll try this next address and see what we think.

2009 Cape Rental:

Hubby is VERY ready to go. In fact about two weeks ago he put up a sign on our kitchen door so that every day as we leave, he can cross out the number of days and subtract one. I can't decide if it is normal vacation desire, or the fact that this year Hubby has pieces in a current gallery show at the Cape Cod Art Association. I think he's feeling like a real artist with this acceptance. Of course, I've known it all along.

So T-5 days...can't wait!


Anonymous said...

That house looks lovely! Still, it is always a little weird to take a new rental after a few years in the same familiar house. Like a good friend of mine says, you have to get your own smell in there before you are truly comfortable!

Chelle said...

Oh good I was worried you were there this week!

Rhea said...

Oh, that looks nice. I am in Boston and hoping to get to the Cape for at least another day or two before the summer is out.

Mama Lou said...

My wish is that this will be the best ever on the Cape. Both of you are very deserving of a great vacation away from all the responsibilities that have hit you this year.

Pat said...

I hope this house turns out to be as great as it looks and your vacation is the best yet.