Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Lula!

One of my dearest friends in the universe turns 49 today.

Can I get a "Woo Hoo" for Lula?? (gorgeousness on the left)

Today she is embarking in the last year of her 40's and I'm totally in awe of her. She is a successful single lady with a real love of life and enthusiasm that just won't quit. Are you heading to a social event somewhere and you don't know anyone? Feel uncomfortable entering a room of strangers? Take Lula. Within minutes she'll know half the people in the place, be learning their life stories, and be totally engrossed in their interests. Years later, she will call you and say, "What is up with so-and-so, is she still tie-dying all her kids clothes?" You, of course, will not even know who she is talking about even though so-and-so used to be YOUR colleague.

Lula surprised us all this year when she showed up at our Cape Cod rental looking svelte and adorable and halfway to her goal weight (we didn't even know she was trying!) and looking 10 years younger than her actual calendar age. Professionally, she is kicking ass and taking names in an industry that is suffering in the recession. Personally, she is fascinated by everyone and everything...genuinely...and sucks the marrow out of life.

Recently I was listening to an episode of "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" with guest Paula Dean. Paula Dean giggled her way through the entire interview with a soft southern accent and a giddiness about life in general. She happily told the audience how she was making burgers one night and decided that the perfect roll to serve them on was not a potato roll, but a Krispy Kreme donut. As I laughed along with the interview, I wondered why I found this woman so endearing, when I suddenly realized - this was my darling Lula in chef form. Lula is someone who can tell you a story about a bat trapped in her house for 30 minutes and never bore you, in fact, you'd better be wearing your Depends, because you may honestly be peeing your pants by the time she is done.

I love her tremendously and hope she is always around to fill my half-empty glass (with vodka or whatever), keep my cynical viewpoint in check, and make me laugh at life's general foibles.

Happy B-day're the best.


Anonymous said...

We all need a Lula in our lives - glad you've got yours! Happy birthday to her!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

There is nothing more valuable than a friend that makes you laugh.