Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Small Curiosities

What does Yoplait do with the returned yogurt lids?
Yes, I know they donate 10 cents per lid, but do you ever wonder how they decided to use returned lids as the source of collecting support for charities? Is there a financial benefit or reuse option for them in returning the foil? What happens to all the lids?

Why do (most) men fail to clean up after meetings?
I've left many a meeting room at my office wondering how it is that men always seem to assume there is some cleaning fairy that follows them around removing half-empty coffee cups, used napkins, plates and silverware, soda cans, etc. Not to mention unwanted handouts or meeting materials. Yet, (most) women clean up their own space in the meeting and often the men surrounding them. What's up with that?

Why is time not constant?
I'm sorry but regardless of all laws of physics, I KNOW that not every hour is equal. I've had hours last forever, and some go by in a snap. Today, for example rushed through until 2 PM then stopped DEAD. Is someone messing with the space-time continuum?

Why can't an avid reader like me meet book club deadlines?
It seems no matter how much I'd like to be in the book club, or how enticing the book is, the minute it is (gasp) "assigned reading" ....I'm dead. The book never gets read, or only painfully. Meanwhile, put me in a room with books and I'm a happy clam. Why does a formal invitation change that?

Why does tap water taste better in alternate packaging?
I'm a fan of tap water. I have to be. My company always says that if you go to any major city in the U.S. there is a 1 in 5 chance that we had a hand in the safe drinking water being provided. However, for reasons of mobility, sometimes I have to get bottled water. I typically save the bottle (for a short time...) and refill it with tap water. Why does it taste better from an evian bottle than it does from a plain old paper cup or glass?

Just some stuff that's been rocking around my brain of late.


A's Mom said...

Did you put this list together when that hour seemed to stop and stand still??

The Grammar Snob said...

Here from Kizz's post on about TWW on The Rec Room. I loved this post...you are SO not alone!