Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Pace Quickens...and the Bride Awaits

I returned to work today and within 30 minutes, while I was still smiling and tan, I definitely was back in the grind. The difference is, after a good 10-day break off the grid (I didn't even check my email or voice mail once!) I felt much more patient and prepped. Even when I learned that my meeting on Wednesday was moved from my home office to one downtown in Manhattan (ugh), I calmly checked train schedules and made my plan and didn't really sweat it.

Tomorrow is the 2nd day of my 2 day week before I head off to play MOH (matron of honor) for my cousin's bridal shower and bachelorette party. (ugh x 10). Don't get me wrong. I LOVE my cuz...but I really am too old for this crap.

Tonight I was spending my commute home checking in with bride, bridesmaids, and best man. Bride was excitedly telling me how she is looking forward to this weekend, anticipating getting her dress fitted, still searching for the perfect shoes, and working hard to collect all the photos she needs so I can put a compilation video file together for the reception. The best man offered what help he could with shower (it's a jack and jill at bride's request) and I assured him showing up and writing a nice check was help enough. And the bridesmaid told me a hilarious story about going in to try on her dress and having the seemingly teenage bride at the next mirror say, "Oh my - you look so pretty in that dress - are you the MOTHER OF THE BRIDE???" The bridesmaid then told me, "Ok, so I know I'm a little older and a little heavier, and ok, maybe a little greyer, but Mother of the Bride? I could have broken that little teeny-bopper in two for that comment!" (I told you we were too old for this crap.) Our mantra has been, "If it were anyone but Suzie we'd never...."

In typical Wenderina anxiety mode, I'm wondering if my big brother (the one I'm NOT on speaking terms with) will show this weekend and what kind of uncomfortable scene I can anticipate. 99% of the time I am so happy with my decision to remove his drama from my life...it is only this 1% of the time when I wish I was still playing the act of the loving sister to his craziness just to get through the family event. I'm sure I would still approach the interaction with some dread, but maybe a little less anxiety over what might be in store.

Thank goodness the entire event is only 3 hours...at least Part 1. Part 2 is the evening out with the bachelorette. Since 4 out of 4 bridesmaids will not be drinking that night (1 pregnancy, 1 definitive non-drinker, 2 designated drivers) should be a pretty sober evening. We're starting with a comedy club which will hopefully lighten the mood. We're ending (hopefully not in the wee hours) with dancing....so not my thing.

Could I be much more negative do you think? God, what a needy whiney bitch I can be. I just got back from a fabulous vacation, I have only a two-day work week, and my complaint is that I have to party with friends and family this weekend? I need an attitude adjustment for sure.

Spiked bridal shower punch anyone?


AmyBow said...
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AmyBow said...

why do you need two designated drivers? can't you all just cram into one car and that way you can get a little bit of a buzz on to make it more fun?

btw, i know you will end up having a great time. good idea, wenderina, to set your expectations low so you come back to work with a BIG smile.

Erin said...

Somehow, I see a Holly Hunter movie in all this.