Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Conversations Over Dinner

Last week as I travelled for business I was able to enjoy the one true benefit of business travel. Putting faces to names of people you deal with long distance all the time. Enjoying a meal and a glass of wine with these folks is the best part of the trip.

One individual in particular was a joy to spend time with because he has such passion for, well, everything, as I found out. In our meetings he cut to the point immediately, made plenty of jokes along the way, but was all about getting to the answer. He listened and was appreciative of expertise and input that was not his own ideas, and yet I never doubted who was the leader in the room. His passion extended beyond his work and an interesting dinner conversation began like this.
  • Scene: New restaurant in downtown Denver.
  • Surroundings: hip, happening, all waitresses slinky and sexy in black short skirts.

Me: [commenting on wait staff] Well, they're hot but they're slow...I guess you are supposed to forgive them because they're so damn hot (made by me, not one of the men at the table)

Him: Yes....these girls are hot, but I have to say, I've been married to my wife for about 15 years and she has NEVER been hotter than she is right now.

Me: [melting] really?

Female Colleague (His "Work Wife"): What is it, do you think, that makes you feel that way?

Him: Honestly? [sips drink] I think it's her bootie. Damn, she's got a fine bootie.

Me: [laughing] Tell us more.

Him: I can't keep my hands off her...if it wasn't for those damn kids...we'd be all over each other all the time.

Me: Oh - you have kids - how old are they?

Him: [deep drink, deeper sigh] The boys are 3 and 5.....

Me: Oh how swe....

Him: NO. No. No. They are not sweet. [eyes twinkling, but shaking his head miserably] They are HORRIBLE. Just Horrible. If I could just get rid of them, it would be just me and my wife again....then, let the games commence!


Not exactly the conversation you might have around the conference room table, which is why I enjoy the dinner opportunities. But how cute was it that all the 20-something hotties couldn't detract from him thinking about his hot 40-something wife at home and his "horrible" kids that just keep him from getting in her pants 24/7.

He's now officially on my favorites list.


Kate Hanley said...

That's awesome. I love it when a guy can just be in love with his wife.

Chelle said...

In my experience-That is a sentiment shared by MANY men and conversly the women will gush about their children (Mars and Venus!)

Sue said...

I wish that was my husband!
But he wasn't away this week
and my kids are older.

But I think he feels that way anyway... :)

Jude said...

It takes all kinds - you never know what a person is like until thery are outside of the work place. Wish there were more men around the world like him (and our hubbys).