Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's Coming on Christmas

Well, the tree is up and decorated..I'm shuffling furniture and every day decorations to make room for things green, red, white, gold, crystal, and glistening. Every plug is full, the front and back doors are wreathed, and the dining room table actually has a tablecoth instead of a puzzle on top.

We've spent the last two hours enjoying Love Actually, the ultimate modern holiday movie. And I'm about to start tackling the gift wrapping...

I must admit that the duties of Christmas often overwhelm the joy of it all, but having most of it behind me two weeks prior to the date goes a long way toward making it bright and enjoyable.

Last night, friends we rarely get to see stopped by to quickly borrow some supplies for an event and their two adorable daughters wandered our house exclaiming at decorations, lights, and candles. The one who is, I've discovered, an anti-pyromaniac, actually secretly blew out every candle I had. But more importantly, she gave me about 10 hugs and drew me a picture with an I "heart" you message.

And really, what else could you want for Christmas?

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