Wednesday, January 27, 2010


After a recent visit to the eye doctor where he told me (to my pleasure) that I have excellent vision, I confessed to the typical issue of the 40 {cough} year old woman...suddenly the small print on my cosmetics bottles was totally unrecognizable as words. 

"And how do you feel about that?" he asked. 

"Old." I replied.

Obviously his sensitivity training failed when he then decided to recommend bi-focals.


I go from having excellent vision to being prescribed bi-focals????

Well, it turns out I would be getting about the weakest reading glass prescription they can provide, but he thought taking the glasses on and off would be a hassle so I might want to try the clear glass top and reading glass bottom option.

Yes, I am the idiot who goes to the eye doctor affiliated with LensCrafters so you know he's trying to make a sale.

Instead, I stopped at a nearby CVS and picked out some 1.00 reading glasses.  They had them for under $15 bucks and buy-one get-one free Foster Grants.  Sold.

I've been using them this week at work and when reading in bed and surprise - I needed them.  I never realized how much I was squinting and furrowing my brow when I was reading until I had the help of magnification.  And also, my computer screen with the high-end resolution (aka small text).  Yup. Totally readable now.

So there you have it.  I am now officially middle-aged and be-spectacled.  But it ain't so bad.  And at least stopping the squinting should reduce the possibility of wrinkles.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I joined the wonderful world of "progressive" lenses (that's what the sensitive opticians call them last year. I have to admit I love them when I'm teaching--no on and off.

The rest of the time I just depend on the 7 pairs of reading glasses scattered throughout my house and car.

pinklea said...

I've had glasses for distance vision since I was quite young, so when I hit the big 4-0 and my close-up vision started to become - um, an issue, I was quite miffed! Instead of succumbing to the on and off thing that Jenn describes, I opted for mono-vision contacts (one contact for distance, one for close-up) and that's been working wonderfully for me. This getting old stuff is not always fun and games, is it?!

michiganme said...

The worst part is that once you get glasses, your "eye-muscles" (whatever they really are) get less of a work-out and seem to go to hell overnight! MIME

Kate Hanley said...

The other weekend, I went out with my older siblings to celebrate my sister's 50th birthday (I'm the youngest of 7) and they all pulled out their glasses to read the menu. I laughed at them (because I had to as the youngest) but they assured me my time is just around the corner. So glad the vision is improved. I, for one, think glasses are cool.