Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Buggus Interruptus

Have you ever found that the littlest thing can derail your blogging mode?  For those of you who blog daily I applaud you.  Sometimes I find I am brimming with ideas (in fact I have a draft post full of just titles/ideas) and I want to post 3 times in a day.  But mostly, I struggle for the one post that will have meaning.  Not for you all...I mean I love all 3 of you who read this, but for me...when I go back and read this a year in the future will I be like, "I am so boring I don't want to know me?" or will I be like, "Huh...not bad.." (It doesn't ever get better than that when you judge yourself does  it?

Well this weekend I was all excited to write a post about a girls day out with one of my favorite adult friends and one of my favorite 10 year old friends (aka her daughter).  Hell - I should say I was excited to HAVE a girls day out.  We were doing the mani-pedi thing, and then going to some specialty plant stores for my simple annuals and her more exotic pond/water plant needs, then we expected to lunch and perhaps lounge by the pool afterwards for some more girl-time. 

Then....Buggus Interruptus.  Some kind of stomach bug struck me at about 5AM and by 8:30 (the latest I could wait before cancelling) it was no fact I had the inkling it was getting worse.  I spent most of the morning huddled in my bed with the A/C on high, running to the bathroom sporadically, snoozing in between with a cold wet washcloth on my eyes and tums followed by ice cubes in my mouth.  When my friend called to check on me in the afternoon I responded, "I'm starting to think the effort NOT to throw up is not the way to be spending my energy."  "Wenderina!", she replied "Go throw up right will feel so much better."

She's a nurse.

So I did.

And I did...a little...but essentially I was still down for the count.

Sunday I awoke totally fine...just trepidatious about adding food to my empty and sore belly.

That one little minuscule interruption though derailed my thought pattern, reading pattern, shopping pattern, eating pattern, errand pattern, working pattern, sleeping pattern, you name it...if it has a routine, it was in upheaval.  Three days later and I'm starting to catch up...but now Hubby is down with the same bug.

Buggus Interruptus begins again.

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Susan said...

I am so sorry. Why can't we get those bugs when we don't have a thing to do? Feel better soon and reschedule!