Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Round Tuit

I am a horrible procrastinator.  I come by it naturally according to my mother.  She tells me that my father said "I'll take care if it, when I get around to it." constantly.  I remember my Dad as being equally busy and relaxed, so I didn't see it, but I wasn't the one having the "honey do" list discussion.  One day, my mom bought him a new coffee mug.  On the mug, it said "A Round Tuit" and she said Now you can do all those things you've wanted to, you finally have a Round Tuit."  Well, at least, that's how I remember the story.

Maybe it was my Dad's spirit sitting on our shoulders this Father's Day weekend, or maybe we both finally got our "Round Tuit" because we attacked the list with a vengeance.  On Friday, I quit work around 3PM and lugged a load of laundry upstairs to put it away.  I soon realized that cramming one more thing into my closet was not going to happen.  So it started.  I opened every drawer and emptied, sorted, trashed, and organized. 

(No before pictures...I was in a frenzy and not thinking of recording progress)

A true sign of activity - an organized sock drawer!

A whole drawer just for scarves and pashminas....and the books TO READ stacked neatly.

Then I attacked my tiny closet.  The only part of this house I hate (except the bus and motorcycle route out front that I can do little about) is the closet space in the bedrooms.  Those people in the 20's sure didn't need much storage.

Yes, this is my ENTIRE closet space.  Hubby has identical version on opposite wall.
AFTER I had done my clean out, it is still wall to wall hangers.

A partial pile of things.  These go to Freecycle while another 2 hefty bags went right to garbage.

I collapsed on the couch when our takeout dinner arrived....and then Saturday started up at 8:30 AM with another burst of activity.  I'm telling you, that Round Tuit was definitely here. It started with a shopping list and Hubby headed out for his own Honey Do list. 

Then I emptied and defrosted the fridge.  Yes, we do have a modern fridge that seems to require defrosting. We hope this is the last time as we learned of a quick/cheap fix on internet we're going to try.  This activity, though, required trashing expired food, and removing viable food into cooler or down to our garage several trips. Then cleaning out fridge and wiping it down. 

 Then I headed to Home Depot with a list from Hubby and my own garden list.  On return, Hubby hung the much awaited closet doors in the home office (see Yellow Cottage ) and I headed outside for a Rambo-like attack on my jungle of a garden.  {Missed you for this stuff Mom!} 

Cleared the flagstone walk (again) and trimmed back the insanely overgrown bushes.
Cut back all the intruding branches along the LONG driveway.
Added plantings.
And more plantings.
And more (ok, I bought these as is and hung them...but still...)
And more!
And then gave Home Depot a little free advertising at the curb
with the SIX bags of waste I cut, bagged, and dragged. 

Other than a quick eats break with Hubby, I was moving in that garden until the light faded at about 9PM.  I took a quick dip in the pool (heaven) listening to the AWFUL and funny and enjoyable Karaoke at my neighbor's high school graduation party next door and then made a beeline for the kitchen. 

Because today is Father's Day and a cake was called for.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake to be exact.
Happy Father's Day all...Hope you get a Round Tuit today.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

That is our Father's Day cake as well. Grownup Girl is experimenting with making Pineapple Upside Down Cupcakes so that everyone gets their own pineapple ring and cherry.

Your yard looks great.

pinklea said...

What a busy, productive weekend! I'm exhausted just reading about it! But things do look organized inside and your garden looks lovely too.

Susan said...

I have heard of those tuits!
everything looks great and I am sure you feel good about all of it. The cake looks wonderful, my son loves pineapple upsidedown cake but I have never done it in a tube pan - very festive!