Sunday, January 1, 2012

Endings and beginnings

(forgive format and typos - first post from my ipad) And so here we are -- bidding 2011 goodbye, and saying hello to 2012. It always amuses me (or confuses me) that our human culture has chosen this annual moment as the time to create momentous life-changing resolutions. But at least we have designated one moment for reflection and self improvement, which is better than none at all I suppose. I recently read the book The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubins and I've been thinking of starting my own I particularly like how she created a program built upon a progression of behavior changes in combination with research to really explore how to improve her level of contentment. The project required self study and brutal self honesty and a hell of a lot of discipline and commitment. None of these areas are strength of mine! Perhaps all the more reason to try. The first step for me is this: Body - better sleep, hydration, vitamins, diet, and exercise. Mind - learn something, read for illumination, seek non-fiction Heart - follow through on time and commitments with friends and family There are bound to be more as this project evolves. But I am going to try and make 2012 a year of self-awareness and appreciation of the good life I have. Resolution challenge here I come.