Monday, March 31, 2008

Personality Profiles

A couple of weeks ago I invited people to join me in completing a personality profile questionnaire. And, so ok, I didn't send out reminders. So no one (except the consummate deadline professional Kiki, did theirs! These were the people who were SUPPOSED to play, and you know, they are all pretty cool, so you can visit them anyway.

KiKi at Good Intentions
A's Mom at Searching for An Even Balance (Updated! entry posted 4/2/08)
Khair Insha'allah! (no entry yet!)
Stephanie (Updated! entry posted 4/2/08!)
Ian Lidster responded in my comments here.
lyndaspix (Updated! entry posted 4/1/08)
asecrettobluebamboo (no entry yet!)

And here are my riveting responses:

What historical figure do you most identify with and why?

I struggled over this question, and almost didn't do the quiz because this one was the hardest. I have to say, I don't really identify with any historical figure I can think of, because I either admire in them qualities I don't think I possess, or revile them for the horrors they inflicted on history. I probably identify with Jane Doe, average citizen, from the 1940's the most.

Which word or phrase do you think is overused right now?

There are NO original words or phrases anymore, so I'm pretty sick of all of them. However, I am getting tired of "That's How We Roll" - although sometimes in a blog it is the appropriate phrase to get a little sarcastic laughter going.

How would you explain your profession to a child?

This is NOT a job you want.
No really, this is NOT a job you want.
LISTEN TO ME...This is NOT a job you want.

(That's pretty much what my job is - say it once, say it again, say it one more time...maybe this time they'll listen.)

What did you have to learn the hard way?

Patience. And I'm still learning it EVERY DAMN DAY.

What do you sing or hum when you're alone?

"Paradise by the Dashboard Lights" by Meatloaf. One of the only songs I actually know the RIGHT words to and love to sing at the top of my lungs, cuz it's still fun, even when off key.

What talent would you most like to have?

Anything artistic. I'd love to be able to draw and paint. Or sing. Or act.

What movie character would you like to portray and why?

I would like to play Atticus Finch, because really, is there any better representation of a human being ever?

Is there a book that changed your perspective on life?

Every book gives me insights into life and behavior. I think one of the first books I really remember making an impression on me was, "Where the Red Fern Grows". Because it was the first book I ever remember making me cry. And even though I've read it about 100 times, it still makes me cry.

What's the best reward for a job well done?

A simple thank you. Oh and money, lots of money.

What is your personal motto?
"Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming."
(must be said in Ellen Degeneres sing-song voice)


Thanks for playing!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rabid Advocate

My firm has an award program called, "Avid Advocates". A friend of mine jokingly terms it "Rabid Advocates".

All kidding aside, it's kind of a neat program. Anyone can be nominated by anyone else, but it's focused on recognizing mentors and supervisors. Have I mentioned how much I hate being a supervisor? Have I mentioned how long my days are and how my desk looks like a bomb went off because I do not have enough time for these high maintenance people AND my regular tasks?
So I never imagined any of my group of tough love cases would consider nominating me.

Guess what?

They did...and I won! {Flowers and card compliments of my boss - she's the bomb}

Email from our CEO:

"It is extremely gratifying to see that following our re-launch of the Avid Advocate program last year, more than 50 supervisors and managers were nominated in 2008 for their outstanding support of staff through coaching, mentoring and professional development.

On behalf of the selection committee, I am pleased to announce that 10 people have been selected as Avid Advocates. (including me!)

Please join me in congratulating these individuals for earning this recognition. Coaching and mentoring are essential to the professional development of all {Company} employees, and I hope this recognition will encourage more leaders to make an extra effort to guide and teach others everyday."

Aw shucks folks.

Guess I'll have to be nicer to them all tomorrow.

But Monday - I'm back with a vengeance.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Days are Full of.......

8:30 AM Rain and traffic.
Took 3 calls on way to work (shhhhh - don't tell the cops) and was already frazzled by the time I arrived.

9:30 AM Edited "I Love Lucy" episode for the Chairman of the Board to use at Shareholder Meeting. At least I got a few chuckles out of this one.

10:00 AM Exchanged logistics emails with our "Art Director/Video" consultant who is supposed to be completing a video for us next week and has just flown to Boca Raton because his father is ill. Help!

10:30 AM Exchange with HR on miscommunications regarding employee status. And felt they were totally trying to snow me on whose fault it was.

11:00 AM Group Meeting. Realized I had 12 more deadlines than I was truly aware of. Sigh.

12:00 PM Walked to cafeteria - in pouring rain - through puddles - and back again. It was the HIGHLIGHT OF MY DAY.

12:30 PM Review of Annual Report draft - needs total re-write - Today. Sigh.

2:00 PM Meeting with another HR person on employee relations issues. Luckily we laughed our way through it, but ultimately the discussion is still painful.

3:00 PM Odds and ends and life's little emergencies.

5:30 PM Setup to videotape Chairman for Year in Review summary.

6:00 PM Chairman arrives (aka the talent) and setup is in technology turmoil. After making small talk for 25 minutes trying to cover for the delays, finally sent Chairman away and promised to call him when ready.

6:50 PM Technology SNAFU solved, brought Chairman back for walk and talk on video.

7:15 PM Completed about 6 takes - hope we got what we need.

7:30 PM Breakdown of equipment completed.

8:00 PM Back at desk re-writing Annual Report.

"Like the sands through the hourglass, these are the Days of MY Life"

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Just Call Me "Crash"

I'm an excellent driver.


I am.

O.K., so maybe I could learn to pay a little bit better attention?

Let's check out my driving record.

Accident #1 - My fault - but attributed to inexperience.

1984, 17 years old, 4.5 hours after passing my NY State Driving Test and receiving my license. Imagine me and 3 girlfriends tooling around town with my new license with Prince's When Doves Cry blasted at TOP VOLUME. In the midst of talking, giggling, and singing along with Prince, I tried to change lanes without realizing a car was coming up behind me and we collided with a lovely crunch. Next scene: me sobbing in the back seat of the police car and handing the officer four sheets of paper stapled together with a DMV stamp on top to certify my license. Officer response, "What the hell is this?" My reply, "It's [sob] my [sob] license! [sob sob] Please [sob] don't [sob sob] take it away from me [wail sob sob]!!

Accident #2 - NOT my fault, attributed to the other driver's inexperience.

1993?, in car with hubby, and another couple in back seat, stopped at a light frozen as I watched headlights in a VERY BIG SUV barrelling down on our position knowing they were not going to stop. My hair was in a ponytail and the scrunchy came off my hair and ended up on the shelf behind the backseat. Can you say whiplash? When the 16 year old driver of the SUV approached us to see if we were ok - my snotty response (having totally forgotten my own teenage devastation with my first accident), "Of course we're not ok, you just plowed into us asshole!"

Accident #3 - So Totally NOT my fault.
Who in their right mind would pit a Honda Civic up against an 18 wheeler?

2000?, on my way to work when an 18-wheeler decided he wanted to be in my lane. Specifically, he wanted to occupy the exact position in my lane that I was already in. He clipped me. I spun around about 3.5 times across 4 lanes of NY State Thruway (miraculously not hitting any other vehicle) and ended up facing the wrong direction on the inside shoulder. Not a scratch on me. But my nerve was shot for quite a while.

Accident #4 - COMPLETELY my fault. And that poor Honda survived Accident #3 only to be injured again by me!

Today. After dutifully getting up early to get to a meeting I found I had enough time to help with taking the recyling to the curb before I left. Hubby was still showering - he's usually out of the house before me - so I hollered my plan up to him. I went out through the garage and loaded the 4 bins into the back of the SUV making 4 trips around my car to do it. Then, I climbed into the SUV and promptly backed up right into the Honda Civic. I had walked past the car at least 4 times to load up the recycling and it didn't even register that hubby had parked in an unusual place directly behind my SUV. Duh. I creased that passenger door nicely. Feeling a little like I did in the backseat of the cop car in Accident #1, I went back inside to report my total idiocy.

My hubby's response?

"My fault for parking there."

Can you believe this man's goodness? I would have torn him up one side and down the other if he did it. Not to mention the fact that the man has been in only one minor fender-bender his entire life and he endures my constant backseat driving and complaints about his driving.

I think it is time for me to shut up and let him drive. Cuz obviously he? is REALLY the excellent driver in the family.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Green Bagels and Other Such Irish Things

Today my company provided green bagels to our staff. Since this office houses more than 400 people, there were a LOT of green bagels floating around the office.

This made me think about St. Patrick's day and how on this day, somehow we are all a little bit Irish, and proud of it.

So here's a little history lesson about our Irish ancestors:


  1. Though life in Ireland was cruel, emigrating to America was not a joyful was referred to as the American Wake for these people knew they would never see Ireland again.

  2. Homes and jobs were scarce for the Irish immigrants. Ads for employment often were followed by "NO IRISH NEED APPLY."

  3. Solidarity was their strength, they helped each other survive city life. They prayed and drank together.

  4. A common expression heard among the railroad workers was "an Irishman was buried under every tie."

  5. The Irish were unique among immigrants. They fiercely loved America but never gave up their allegiance to Ireland...and they kept their hatred of the English.

  6. Twice Irish immigrants tried to invade Canada, believing that they could trade Canadian land for Ireland's freedom from England.

  7. During the Civil War they were fierce warriors, forming among other groups, the famous Irish Brigade.

  8. World War I brought the Irish respect by American society; their fierce conduct in many military operations allowed them to break from Ireland's nationalism and depend on themselves and their new home for success.

  9. World War II furthered this success by providing the Irish soldiers with an opportunity to seek education at the expense of the country they defended.

  10. Today, St.Patrick day parades replaced violent confrontations. The Irish not only won acceptance for their day, but persuaded everyone else to become Irish at least for St.Patrick's Day.

So enjoy your green bagels, corned beef and cabbage (which according to my Irish friends is decidedly NOT Irish), Irish soda bread, and of course, green beer, and think about how the Irish joined our melting pot and became "more American than the Americans."

Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Feelings

I feel:

Jaded and Disheartened

Today's post is brought to you by the letter H.

It's been quite a week in New York. Just when I thought I would scream if I had to watch one more game of tug of war between Hillary and Barack and the Democrat self-destruct machine...a Democrat I didn't expect to see in the news had a new lesson in the word HUBRIS.

"Hubris or hybris (Greek ὕβρις), according to its modern usage, is exaggerated self pride, arrogance or self-confidence (overbearing pride), often resulting in fatal retribution. In Ancient Greece, "hubris" referred to actions taken in order to shame and humiliate the victim, thereby making oneself seem superior."

Although I must admit the comedians and journalists struck gold with this story. The Top 10 lists on Letterman have never been better. The Daily Show and Colbert Report made me spit out my drink - almost through my nose.

And this week's favorite newspaper Headlines?

I thought you were different Mr. Spitzer. I thought you were not of the political machine. I thought you couldn't be bought or corrupted. Apparently you were doing your own buying and corrupting.

You Hedonistic S.O.B.

You Hypocrit of the Century.

Just remember that Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned.

Mrs. Spitzer - Have at it.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Face 6, Body 3 1/2, Personality? 10!

I "borrowed" this questionnaire from a trade magazine I read - Communications World as a member of IABC (International Association of Business Communicators). They offer you the option of downloading the full questionnaire from and then submit it. You may be selected to be featured in the magazine.

But hell, who needs CW and their editorial review board?

I can self-publish here! And I want you to join me!

{cue the Mission Impossible Music}

This assignment, should you choose to accept it, has a deadline of March 31st. Let me know if you are up for it by commenting here and I'll put my response and a link to everyone else up on my page on the 31st.

So jump in with both feet and start drafting your clever replies. Activate your post on 3/31 and we'll all learn a little more about one another's personalities. The crazier the better!


What historical figure do you most identify with and why?

Which word or phrase do you think is overused right now?

How would you explain your profession to a child?

What did you have to learn the hard way?

What do you sing or hum when you're alone?

What talent would you most like to have?

What movie character would you like to portray and why?

Is there a book that changed your perspective on life?

What's the best reward for a job well done?

What is your personal motto?


These questions require some thought people!

Look forward to seeing your answers.

Popping the eBay Cherry

O.k. I finally joined the rest of the human race checking out eBay for some auction deals. I blame their ad campaign on TV - you know the one..."Shop Victoriously: It's better when you win it!".

So...I bid on some pretty things.

Like this (which my 1930's house will love to feature in a dark corner).

Then, this....just cuz...if I didn't get the first thing, I'd have a consolation prize.

But the whole reason I went shopping there in the first place was to bid on something like this:

(They promise it isn't stained and is pure white in real-life)

...vintage (or vintage look-a-like) it... the end.....

I "won" all three. Somehow while filling out the paypal info today I didn't have quite the sense of triumph and self-satisfaction they show in the commercials.

Maybe the feeling arrives with the box in the mail.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday Feelings

I feel:

The office is so quiet today you can hear every little paper being jostled on every desk. The air outside is rapidly chilling as we await the storm coming from the midwest. I'm quietly working my way through my list of things to do...I'm feeling like for a week where I was out sick for two days and still hacking away with a cough that I've done enough and accomplished plenty. No pressure today.

I'm cuddled in my "emergency" sweater - an ugly but heavy duty wool ski cardigan I keep at my desk for cold days. The sky outside is grey and the plants on my desk give me the only touch of nature's color.

I'll miss the morning sun that has just begun to bring me that feeling of Spring coming soon. But we must turn forward the clocks tomorrow and that's okay because the light at the end of the day is just as welcome.

So quiet contemplation is the feeling of the afternoon. Slow down and enjoy it.

Called Back to Action

I was tagged by Stephanie. And it was a great tag that actually helps with my "March slow-down" as it just requires that I pull out some of the old "Anxious Moments" for others to read.

Here are the rules:

Go back through your archives and post the links to your five favorite blog posts that you’ve written.

Link one must be about family:
Missing My Pop.

Link two must be about friends:
Orange You Glad We're Friends?

Link three must be about yourself:
Turns Out the Devil Doesn't Wear Prada.

Link four must be about something you love:
A Few of My Favorite Things

Link five can be about anything you choose:
Fashion Faux Pas.

Post your five links and then tag five (or more) other people. At least two of the people you tag must be newer acquaintances so that you get to know each other better.

I tag:

Wanda at Deadpan
Amybow at View from the Passenger Seat
Jude at Hey Jude
Kiki at Good Intentions
Marriage 101 (so new I don't even know your screen name yet!)
The Bears at Uncaring Bear

If others of you decide to do this - it was a fun walk down memory lane - and pretty low energy, add a comment so I can check yours April.

Monday, March 3, 2008

March Slow-Down

This past weekend I finally conquered my jet lag and it was so good to feel rested and refreshed, that I figure I need to pursue that a little more.

So, in an effort to get a little more sleep, a little less computer time, and (I confess) a little more work and schoolwork done, I'll be slowing down the pace of my blogging. So unless I am very inspired (which happens), I'm proclaming this MaNoNeBloMo [March No Need to Blog Month]. (You know you wish you were me and you were doing this too right?)

Stay the immortal and annoying words of the governator - "I'll be back".

The First Mammogram

To all of my male will likely find this post of little interest, so feel free to sign off, or read on.

Today I took the leap and finally had my first mammogram. I had planned to do it last year when I turned 40, but my intent was not followed up with rapid action. First, I didn't realize I would need a prescription from my doctor, then when I finally tracked that down and made the call - trying to squeak it in before I turned 41, I was confounded by the need to wait 3 months for an appointment....who knew?

After all of the horror stories I'd just like to start by saying - women need to stop bitching about this and scaring our younger sisters! I've had worse discomfort from sitting in one position on a plane for 14 hours!

The whole thing began with a female technican positioning me in front of the x-ray machine and matter of factly sticking little pasties with steel tips on my nipples. She was talking about whether rain was expected and I think I blinked once or twice before answering her due to the incongruity of having someone handling my breasts and talking about the weather. Then she hefted a breast up onto the plate, set the motor to "SQUEEEEEZZZE" and kept chattering, with brief interruptions like:

"still ok?"
"just about there"
"There! Hang on I'll be quick!"

After the two base shots I thought we were done, but she still needed to do the diagonal shots. This was a little more awkward and can catch your rib or your shoulder/collar bone a little, but still NOT PAINFUL. Just uncomfortable.

When done, she gave me a fact sheet and went off to make sure the film was good for analysis. Two minutes later I was getting dressed and on my way to work. The entire appointment, including insurance paperwork, took all of 25 minutes from entry to exit. Piece of cake.

When driving to work, I suddenly realized I had never removed the pasties. I reached inside my shirt and bra and tugged one off and I would have to say THAT was the most painful moment of the morning. And hopefully did not give the truck driver in the next lane a moment of pause.

So ladies, if you are of the 40+ range and have not been getting your regular mammograms, I dare you to go and I promise...the bark is much worse than the bite.