Friday, July 27, 2012

A little pledge, a little tide, a little coldplay

So, even though work is imploding around goes on and I'm taking today off.  We are hosting family gatherings for the next few days and also next weekend and I just thought I ought to make the effort to add "house" to "wife" for a little while and get the joint in order.

Unlike my lovable sister who likes to tear up a floor and refinish it 48 hours before welcoming family for a holiday, I'm surface cleaning only.  To get started, I'm making a list and checking it twice (the Franklin-Covey working habits in me required ABC 123 lists) and then I'm going to plow through it all quickly. forward to 5PM

Somehow managed to get all my tasks, play, and least good enough.  House is clean and presentable.  Kitchen is gleaming.  Pool is swimmable.  Patio is set.  Now its time for me to kick back and enjoy family time tonight.

And Pizza!!!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Ride, Sally Ride

This is a photo of my high school yearbook.

The year I was editor, was the year Sally Ride went into space as the first American female astronaut. I admired Sally. Not because she was the first woman, but because of her grace and calm in the wake of it. So, as editor, I exercised my power and prerogative and squeezed in a great photo and quote between our memories of such groundbreaking moments of 2 feet of snow paralyzing our city, musical pioneers The Police, Journey, Men at Work, Duran Duran and rising star Jennifer Beals of the immortal Flashdance.

Yes, the 80s were a shallow time. As compared to the 2010s...obviously a deeply historical decade.

The quote...just in case you cannot read it, was:

"It's too bad that society isn't to the point yet where the country could just send up a woman astronaut and nobody would think twice about it."

Ride, Sally Ride. And rest in peace.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Waiting Game...Courtesy of My Boss

So...I'm sitting here at my laptop...jumping back and forth between real work, personal "work", and time wasting.  Why you ask?  Well....because my boss and I were supposed to have a conference call at 5PM.  Then he called and said...can we do 7PM...Sure, I say.   Then he texted and about 9PM?...Sure, I say. And at guessed it, new text: "Just sitting down to late can I call you?"  So here I am....trying to be productive, trying to be focused, trying to be "on" for his call whenever it may come.

What's new here since my last post, you ask?  Not that anyone is still listening to my once per month news, but here goes.

I have buckled and joined Facebook.  Never thought I would do it, but I'm there.  I blame my niece.  I could not be left out of the loop of her adorable pictures and updates on her and her kids any longer.  I've jumped in and am doing all those stupid things I complain about.  Posting boring status updates.  Being self-involved with my own little face and little life.  Probably informing the general public of way too much of my business.  But there you have it...the new social media life.

I've continued my fitness/weight loss efforts with my husband.  As is the typical male-female situation, he continues to double my pace...but that's ok.  I'm at 21 pounds down...he's at 41 pounds down.  Sweet.  We are getting younger as well as slimmer (or at least feel like it).  I'm still walking...although not every day like I did in April.  Today I even managed to run around the track 1.5 times before nearly collapsing in a heap of heaving huffing heart pounding nausea.  Not really...I walked it off...but I don't believe I will ever enjoy running.  Power walker....that's me.

Work is tougher than ever....without my colleague of 18 years who moved on to another opportunity I'm a little lonely and a little overwhelmed with needy staff and unending workload.  I'm actually getting better about shrugging it off and going home - only so much that can be done after all - but it's always hanging over me like a boulder on a piece of dental floss.

Summer is going along swimmingly.  Literally.  Our pool is getting more use than usual with the lovely hot weather and sunshine.  I even manage to sneak in a dip on some of my mornings before work after my Power Walk.

So...all in is pretty damn simple.

And I'm actually ok with that.  Even if it does make for some boring blogging and Facebooking.