Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Feelings

Today's Top Feeling:

I feel Exhausted.

My day began in Brisbane at 8AM Brisbane is now 12 Noon Pacific Time and I'm in my 3rd airport of the day and it is 22 hours since I left the Brisbane Hilton. My flight from LA to JFK is delayed...hopefully not indefinitely. So now instead of being tucked into my own bed curled up with hubby in the spoon position by midnight...I'll be lucky to be in the JFK airport by then.

Unlike the flight outbound to Australia - when I was in the lovely business class sleeper pods - I was only in the economy plus section and I did not sleep. So needless to say...knowing I will be sitting in this super comfortable (not) chairs in the gate area for another 3 hours and then hopefully on the super comfortable (definitely not) coach seats of a United flight for another 5 hours before I'm home is almost overwhelming.

I'm glad I have the weekend to recover and I'm seriously considering taking Monday as a PTO (paid time off) day. We'll see how wimpy I am.

Anyway, this was not the "feeling" I anticipated examining - and it's frankly boring me to whine about it, so I'm off. Wish me luck. Otherwise I might find myself sleeping in an airport tonight.


1 comment:

KiKi said...

Hope you made it back in. Rest up! PTO Monday sounds good like a good idea if you ask me - I don't think you'll be up to dealing with your cast of characters just yet.