Monday, February 18, 2008

A little vino, a little company

Today I started at the rooftop pool and enjoyed a few laps and a brief moment of sun before the clouds gathered for a quick shower.

No worries (as they say here). I had to get ready for my "date" with a colleague here in Brisbane. A native Australian, she was kind enough to give up her Sunday with her two teenage daughters (actually she thanked me for getting me away from them, big surprise!) and take me to the Sirromet winery....

for lunch, some wine,

and some jazz....

Then, after she dropped me back at the hotel, I joined "the men" and as usual, I was the only woman at the dinner table. No worries. They were gentlemen and actually listened when I spoke, sought my opinion, and most importantly, bought my drinks.

We dined at the Marco Polo restaurant in a heritage building - part of the old Treasury complex - that has been turned into a casino. Get, I thought it was amusing. It was quite the dining experience. Glad I didn't have to pick up the bill.

Today the meetings begin in earnest and I won't see outside the hotel until we venture out for dinner. Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday in the U.S. - it's back to business and Monday here.


Jude said...

Try to get out for more sight is so beautiful!
Have Fun!

A's Mom said...

Are you sure you're on a business trip?!? Next time, I'm tagging along!