Thursday, March 4, 2010

Countdown to Graduation - Less than 1 Year Remains!

Tonight I stayed late at my office to ensure I completed my last assignment for my Ethics class. 

Here's a new lesson for you: when your Ethics professor says in her syllabus that class attendance is required...remember she is the ETHICS professor and is not likely to bend on her stance.  However, after giving me heart palpitations when she initially refused to work with me when I asked for leeway on the final class session due to a business commitment on the West Coast, she eventually relented.  But unlike other professors who just required that I complete the regular coursework in advance, she gave me an additional 5 page analysis paper assignment.


If I could have gone to class that day, I would have watched a 2 hour documentary and then participated in some group discussion.  Making 2-3 comments would have been enough.  By not attending I spent 2 hours watching the documentary at home, and then another 4 hours on research and reading the companion book, and then another 3-4 hours writing the paper.


Next time, I'm telling my boss I'm not going to the client event.  I think I'd rather face his displeasure than go through this exercise again.

My other school activity today was to register for my next class - the thesis prep class.  The tunnel is still very long....but the light is there.   According to the class syllabus - which focuses on research, writing and presentation, I will conclude this semester with a thesis at 50% completion.  I will also have a 60 minute DVD with video of me making three presentations - and oh what compelling video that will be.  Then over the summer (joy) I will have to finish writing and finally defend it.  After that it's two more required courses and I'm done!

How exciting to think that, barring any unforeseen issue (like my brain implodes, or my bank account gives out when the tuition reimbursement is done) this time next year I will be celebrating no more classes, no more books, no more ethics teacher's dirty looks.