Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Penchant for Melancholy

Last week I was having lunch with Amybow and Boss Lady and I could tell Amybow was getting depressed listening to us. Boss Lady and I were on a rant and dwelling on the negative. It didn't matter if it was work, home, family, friends, movies, or books...all of our stories started ok, but ended really badly. Amybow is much more of an optimist. And also - she has an incredible (almost pathological) empathy that can really get her down.

So she broke our mold and began telling funny stories about her girls. And it was a lovely break.

I have to admit, sometimes I scan the blogs I follow and find it all so very depressing. Complaints, illness, death, sorrow, joblessness, loneliness...it's all sometimes overwhelming. It's like watching the evening news - especially here in the NY metro area - where if we're lucky there is a 30 second good news spot in between the murder and mayhem.

Yesterday's post was a case in point. Although I think it is some of my better writing, it's not cheerful...not even at the end, when I consciously tried to spin it positive.

I am a glass half empty person. I admit it. And 3 days of dreary rain can also add to that feeling. So today, I vow to write something funny. It's going to take some effort. Imagine Pooh Bear and his "think, think, think" scene. But I'll find it. Stay tuned.


AmyBow said...

my girls are my joy. and while i am no optimist, i can always find something in what they say are do. send some BBZ and LMA love!

mkosboth said...

If you want a good laugh, check out my Spiderman pictures! Sometimes life is a bummer, but I am glad you found someone to lighten your day!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Even an eternal optimist like me writes posts like that occasionally--and for some reason they are often the most beautiful writing we do.