Sunday, April 11, 2010

Some Action This Weekend

Actually it sounded like a machine gun action...or the cats were doing something new and different and getting into more trouble than usual - nope the cats were both curled upon bed with us.  Oh no, maybe something wrong with the boiler...but the boiler is off right? 

Hubby chased the noise most of the weekend and it wasn't until we were both outside together today working on the crown molding, that we realized that the sound was coming from the roof.  More specifically from the top of the chimney. 

It's nearly impossible to see, but there is a small woodpecker who has decided the harmonics he creates by rat-atat-tating on our chimney topper is sweet music to his ears. 


It's going to be a long spring.  But as Hubby said, "Hurrah - it isn't a problem with the house!!" (for once)

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Suburban Correspondent said...

We have that, too - I think it's some sort of mating call.