Monday, April 26, 2010

Why Men Hate Us

On Saturday I went to the gym with a friend.  After working ourselves up into a sweat, laughing and moaning the entire way, we decided to take a walk along the track and enjoy the beautiful springtime weather.  As we walked, we entered into a totally female discussion...

T:  I was in such great shape last year after working with that personal trainer.

W: I know, it's what got me started going to the gym.

T:  But then I stopped!  Now I'm at my heaviest ever.

W: Mmm. (this is getting into danger zone)

T:  Don't I look it?

W: Ummmm....No. (danger Wil Robinson, danger!)

T: Really?

W: Ummmm....No.

T:  (In a horrified voice) - Are you saying that you remember me being FATTER?

W:  (totally cracking up) - That is such a "girl thing" to say!!  Seriously?  I'm telling you that I haven't noticed you are heavier and you are more worried that I thought you were fatter in the past?  There is no winning here.  If I say you look fatter now, that's insulting.  If I say you don't look heavier now, you think I mean I remember you fatter.  If I say you look about the same now and you know your weight is up, it sounds like you have always looked heavy.  I'm not answering this question any more.   

This conversation?  This is why men hate us.


A Slice of My Life said...

Too funny! Poor guys rarely even know when they are stepping into the trap!

mkosboth said...

Oh The Bob and I have walked this space before. "This is a test, isn't it" he will say. "I am not answering that, I am not stupid" he will follow up with.