Monday, April 26, 2010

Tears for Good News

I spent nearly an hour crying today over good news.  The news that my cousin does NOT have cancer.  It has been our experience in our family that when testing begins, cancer will be found.  My father (lung), my mother (ovarian and colon survivor), my uncle (skin survivor), my cousin (lymphoma), even a family pet....all in the last few years. 

After losing her brother only 27 days after his diagnosis of lymphoma, imagine my cousin's shock to hear she would need blood tests, biopsey's and ultrasounds herself just two weeks after the funeral.  While our attitudes were forcefully positive, it was evident today when the good news arrived that our gut was already tied into knots for the worst case scenario.

So when I heard her say, "It's all okay - everything was negative." I just burst into tears.  And I couldn't stop for almost an hour.  What sweet exhausting relief. 

This damn blog has been little more than a downer the last few entries and I'll be glad to get back to boring normalcy.

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Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

What a relief. Your family sounds a lot like mine. It's worrisome for sure.