Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What Price, Art and Inspiration?

On our annual trek to the Cape (Cod..of course) this year, we did our usual run of the galleries.  Hubby is now selling his photography out of one of them, so that was a primary stop, and he also has competed in numerous shows at another.  There is a lot of wonderful art to be seen there, and a great community of artists.  We almost always pick up something, but for the most part they are small pieces.

But not this year.

This year, I was smitten.  One particular painting totally grabbed me and would not let go.  Even after hearing the price point (gulp) it continued to call my name.  It was a jumble of beautiful colors and shapes that somehow perfectly captured the energy of a coastal city at night.  Golden light spills from every window, little sparkly lights are scattered among the buildings - which themselves glow with gorgeous reds, aubergine, lime green, sage, and icy blue.  And across the lower half the shape of a bridge and sailboats glistening and reflecting back on the waters....I was totally in love.

Now, being an artist himself, Hubby is totally NOT the type of person to control spending when it comes to art purchases.  Furniture - he can look at me cross-eyed over.  Clothes - yeah, whatever.  But with art, he is NOT the voice of reason.  He jumps right on board and opens the wallet.  Which I love...and which I fear...  But he said one thing to me before heading to the desk to finalize the sale. 

"Will you look at it every day and love it?"

Our new artwork - the photo in no way does it justice
I looked at the painting again....
"Yes", I breathed, "Oh Yes."

And I have. 

I'm sad to say it is still on the floor.  But every day I look at it and a new thought comes to mind in the way the room must change around it.  I'm thinking of painting my oak bedroom furniture set in an antique distressed cream finish - which will totally go with the glistening sails.  I'm pretty sure the walls need to go from a Tiffany blue-green to a soft silvery gray and I need to find the perfect shade to serve as background to all of these beautiful colors.  And I think I'm going to go with a scattering of solid color bedding rather than patterns, to allow the painting to be the only thing with movement.  And the flooring....maybe one of the gorgeous blues from the painting will look like the watery base....

Needless to say, as Hubby sighs resignedly, this painting is going to cost a lot more than the sticker price before I am done.


Carl said...

I love it too and your vision for the room will be worth the time and money we will put into it!

Kate Hanley said...

It's beautiful. I can see why you'd want to change your whole bedroom to show it off. Of course, you could always try to talk one of those HGTV programs into doing it for you!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

If it is more beautiful than it looks in the photo than it was a bargain.