Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Do You See What I See?

This morning's news broadcast brought another mind-tingling topic to my brain.  There is an NYU professor who is having a camera surgically implanted into the back of his head.  Have you heard about this?  Is it to monitor those unrully NYU students? No.  In fact as a condition of his employment he will be blocking the camera lens during his NYU campus activities.

This...is an art project.

I don't suppose anyone ever thought that he could strap a camera on right?  Or embed it in his clothing?  There must be some reason a surgical implant is required, but damned if I know, and so far I haven't seen or heard a news report that asks that question.  They are more concerned, and perhaps rightly so, with privacy issues.

In today's world, this argument is starting to lose its punch however.  Face it.  We can pretty much guarantee that we are all being watched at any given time.  Whether it is a professor who's just crazy enough to add a camera lens to his anatomy, a barbie doll with an embedded video camera, the ubiquitous camera phone, crime and traffic monitors on every corner, ATM cameras, etc.....YOU are on candid camera.

Another news item this morning touted a new popular internet video about a cat fighting off two alligators.  After you get past this amazing little teaser, you may start to think.  How did that cat end up in a situation with two alligators and a camera trained on the action?  Was it the result of the readiness of cameras in everyone's pockets these days?  Was it a cruel and unusual prank to stage a fight between a feline and the alligators? 

Remember the rule.  The act of observing something changes it.  And how odd is it that this rule of physics also was brought about by observing a cat.


Kate Hanley said...

Schrodinger's Cat! Of course I spelled that wrong but very interesting post. I remember having to do a short documentary for a video class I took. I was following a friend around for the day and he'd look at the camera and say, "If you want my real life, you have to turn the camera off."

Anonymous said...

They say that in the UK you cannot step foot in a public place without being observed by CCTV. Personally, I'm with the Incas. Cameras steal our souls.

Jane at the Movies said...

Hi Wenderina, just wanted to say hello and thanks for stopping by and commenting. I appreciate it. I've added you to my blogs I follow. I'm enjoying yours!