Monday, November 8, 2010

Typical Monday

The morning started out with an earlier alarm than usual due to my need to meet someone at the office at crack of dawn.  Crack of dawn in my world is defined as before 9:30AM. 

And it went downhill from there.

Put my thumb through not one but two pairs of stockings this morning.  Guess I should give up old fashioned nylons and go for the bare foot look everyone else is sporting.

Stuck the mascara wand in my eye.  Every woman knows this is the international harbinger of all things sucky for your day.

Realized that I could not find my rings.  I've either left them in the hotel room or most likely they are buried inside something I packed that I haven't unpacked yet.  (Yes - I called the hotel and No - they haven't called me back yet)...but I'm telling you.  They are in my house somewhere...that's just the way it is with me. 

Got downstairs and ready to leave and realized I didn't have my office pass.  Not a big thing on a normal day, but arriving early at office meant I might need it to get in before receptionist.  Went up and down the stairs THREE TIMES before realizing it was in my purse the whole time. (Hence my belief the rings are also hidden in plain site as well).
Hubby parked behind me today meaning I needed to move his car first.  Again, not a big thing, but by now after up and down the stairs three times and a panicked call to hotel for the rings, I'm running behind.

Take a deep breath before leaving the house and pour myself something to drink (yes, non-alcoholic, despite the feeling I should go with the hard stuff today) in the travel mug and then proceed to leave it on the kitchen table.

Realize I have left the mug on the table between moving Hubby's car and starting out of driveway in my own.  Run up the walk and steps to the house, only to realize that the door is locked and my keys are in the car.  Give up with a muttered curse and head to the office.

Hit traffic approximately 1 mile from house.  Have 17 miles of bumper to bumper bridge traffic to drive through.  Great.

Finally get through the worst of the traffic and blow right past my exit on highway (because I was trying to relive in my brain departing the Utica Days Inn yesterday and where I put my rings) and have to go two more exits for a U-turn.

Since then...the day has gone surprisingly well by comparison.  But the start was almost enough to send me screaming back to my bed to hide under the covers and wonder where in the HELL my brain has gone.

If you've seen my brain...or my rings....please return them to me.   I'm sadly lacking without them.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

You are so right about sticking the wand in the eye--definitely a harbinger.

Since when I do work I'm there at 7 a.m., 9:30 sounds like some kind of dream. Then again, I'm on my way home at 2:30.

Love that your FIL has been part of his organization for so many years-it sounds like a great day of recognition for him.

Chelle said...

It's amazing how things pile up like that! Hope today is better

mkosboth said...

Oh lord I have had those days. And I am all too familiar with the "but I already looked there THREE TIMES" and yet that is exactly where the missing item appears phenomenon. Lately I have chalked up this kind of chaos to having a child in my life, but I know it is just being too busy, with an over 40 year old brain.