Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sunshine and Free Time

We are enjoying our break...really.

While life and work have intruded here or there (a wake to attend, an errand to run, an email to answer) for the most part the time has been our own.

And now, mid-week, we may have found that the free time is doing strange things to our brains. I'm feeling a little lost and a little guilty. This lack of structure, with lots of good weather, and no real crises to manage, is a very strange place to be.

It's too nice out to paint the bathroom, or clean out the closets, or shelf-paper the kitchen. It's too hot out to add the filler sand to the patio, or weed the garden, or clean out the shed.

So, it is 12:37 on Wednesday. Pretty much dead-center in our week off, and I'm pushing through the wierdness believing that I can and will continue to relax and enjoy this time off. I'm heading to the pool...again...and my book...again...and pouring some more ice tea in a plastic cup...and I will enjoy it.

God damn it.

I will.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

It takes practice!

KiKi said...

Good for you. You go girl! You make a sister proud {sniff}.

Mama Lou said...

You are going through what many people do when they first retire. Remember your Dad when he first left Kodak? It is a strange feeling to say the least but with some thinking you will get there. Maybe a hobby like hubby would help? Sometkme you just have to be very diligent and persevere.keep trying

Ian Lidster said...

And, you will enjoy it. Problem with free time I find is that too often I enjoy it in retrospect rather than actuality, and I kick myself for that. I have a free day today and I should be cherishing that -- but I'm not, really. Guilt you say? You bet.

Anonymous said...

Totally get that. Just when I get around to enjoying vacation, it's ending.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Some of us were not meant for lives of leisure.