Friday, October 3, 2008

Round and Round it Goes

So this morning I awoke to find hubby slumped and seated at side of the bed.

"Something wrong Babe?"

"Yeah, I can't stand up."


"I can't stand up. Every time I do I feel like I'm gonna fall over - I'm so dizzy and nauseous."

"OK, lay back down. What can I do? Should we go to the Doctor?"

(laying down) "mmmmmmm"


"mmmmm"..."Get me my laptop and blackberry - I need to check into work and cancel some stuff."

(10 minutes later - all work notices done)



"I'm gonna take a shower...ok?"


(10 minutes later)



"I want to take you to the Doctor or ER - you pick"

"mmm"..."I just want to lay here"..."you can take me tonight if I don't feel better"

"Um, no, we should go now."

"mumble mumble mumble" (I believe I heard bitch in there somewhere)

"What would you do if it were me?"

"grumble grumble - I would do what YOU want to do. I ALWAYS do what YOU want to do."


"So I guess we're going huh?"


End result.
Diagnosis: Peripheral vertigo from fluid in the ear.
Treatment: travel sickness meds and antihistamines
Followup: See a neurologist and they will recommend exercises.
Current Status: Patient is drugged and dozing on couch while I rock out on i-tunes and work on the computer.

Sidenote: Patient is happy to have A's Mom's favorite companion - Maggie Dog - visiting and sleeping at his feet (I think this is winning him over to getting another pet). Nothing like the comfort of a sweet and fuzzy animal when you don't feel well.


Stephanie said...

Hope he's feeling much better soon. I'm sure he's glad for the great nursing staff at your house! ;)

Boogaloo Dude said...

Oh! How scary! He's lucky to have you Wenderina.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I have a friend that had that and it plagued her for a while. I hope he recovers soon.

Carl said...

I am pretty sure I did not say bitch... but in my defense. I just wanted the lay down and make the spinning stop. Wenderina knew what was right for me and somehow got me around to her way of thinking. Thankfully. Now I'm gonna laydown and take a nap.

Ian Lidster said...

Could have been something so much worse. Glad it was what it was.

A's Mom said...

Finally catching up on blog-land. Glad to hear Maggie Dog was a warm comfort!