Saturday, June 20, 2009

Night Out with a Friend

After many late nights of work - and many weekend days at work - I made time tonight (since Hubby is working even crazier hours than me right now) to meet up with a friend for a girls night out. Nothing big - we went to the Paramus Park mall (known as Mecca by many a local girl) looking for some summer duds for a wedding on Block Island that my friend is attending. Rather than a time consuming or pricey meal - we ate at the food court (and survived it).

It was a fabulous night.

I have been addicted to the series and more recently the movie, "Sex and the City", but everytime I watch I get a little sad that while I have many wonderful friends - we are all so busy with our individual lives that we don't have a routine to gather regularly and just do those girl things we need to do.

Like tonight. Tonight we shopped for bras. And I found it was a much better activity to do with a friend than my usual solitary run.

I had told my friend of the lovely bridesmaid gown we selected but then sent her into gales of laughter about how every dress I tried on had the darts in the wrong place. "And then suddenly I realized...trying on a bridesmaid dress at 42, of course the darts are NOT in the wrong place - it's my breasts that are in the wrong place." Ah the joys of gravity. It was obvious that my $21.00 bras are no longer cutting it. I need some serious engineering here.

So my friend took me by the hand and introduced me to the $60.00 bra. Yes - that is 6-0! My thrifty (cheap) self was horrified. And then, she increased my dismay by increasing my cup size. Now I definitely feel like a MATRON of honor. With my D-cups and FOUR hooks in back. But I have to admit - my ladies were definitely looking better when we were done. And? my good friend charged my new goodies (do the math - I bought 5 of them) on her Macy's card so I could get the special discount...I think she was trying to make up for the D-cup revelation.

We laughed and laughed and laughed tonight - about what? I don't know - silly things, embarrassing things, over the shoulder boulder holder things.

What a joy to have a night out with a friend. Thanks my friend.

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Chelle said...

I recently bought a bra that cost more than the dress that required me to buy it!