Sunday, October 11, 2009


  • 600 miles on the Subaru - $100.00
  • Two nights at Crook Jaw Inn, Yarmouthport - $300.00
  • Price Fixe Menu at the Ocean House - $98.00
Weekend Getaway with Hubby to celebrate 20 years of marriage....PRICELESS

For the first time, Hubby and I visited Cape Cod in the Fall. Expecting to see an explosion of autumn colors, we were quite surprised to instead find it a very mild 70 degrees and very green. The ocean waters apparently warm the area and delay the season. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful time to be at the Cape. We stayed at a lovely B&B (Crook Jaw Inn) right on the famous 6A in Yarmouthport. This 1780's house was so well appointed and charming, and we immediately felt at home.

This little trip was just a small treat to mark our 20th anniversary (coming on 14th). In contrast with our 10th anniversary where we spent 2 weeks in Hawaii, we really had to squeeze it in this year between work, school, and family commitments, but squeeze we did. Although fighting the Columbus Day traffic on I-95 made me think we were a little nuts, we finally arrived and had a lovely weekend. We topped off a day of wandering (and of course, with Hubby at the lead - plenty of photography) ...

...with a fabulous meal at the Ocean House in Dennisport. Their fall price fixe menu was incredible and for a very reasonable amount, we had a spectacular 3 course meal.

While Hubby is the pro photographer...I had fun with his old castoff 35 mm SLR and posted some of the results here. (Note: Hubby was a real help with the photoshop techniques I could use to make the images even better for printing...but it was ME who used the posterize filter to create some fun shots where the lighting just wasn't working for the plain photo.) I think the Americana of the Cape works perfectly with the poster technique.

Of course, art is nothing without sacrifice. In this instance, I sacrificed some shoes.

< Teaser: Next weekend...the WEDDING OF THE CENTURY. Me, the bridesmaids and the bride all in sleeveless gowns for a lakeside ceremony in mid October...and yes - high temps in the 40's are predicted..... >


Pat said...

I'm so glad your weekend was great. Try to steal away more often. Those special times are priceless. I love your photos and posters.

Kate Hanley said...

Beautiful photos! Happy Anniversary.

Chelle said...

Congratulations on 20 years! Good job on the pictures you captured a lot of beauty, your composition isn't bad either!

Carl said...

Thanks for the wonderful weekend. I love spending time with you and listening to what you think as much now as when we first met. You have always and continue to... take my breath away.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like an idyllic time. Pictures are great, and congratulaitons on your 2 decades.

Anonymous said...

Happy, happy 20 years!

And aren't beaches wonderful in the fall? (Okay, maybe the temperatures weren't exactly fall-like, but it looks like everything else was!) It sounds like it was just a fabulous weekend!

Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary dear sister and her hubby! Love, Lin