Monday, February 22, 2010

A Prayer from a Non-Believer

When a family crisis arises and your loved ones ask you to pray for them, and you don't really believe, what do you do?

My cousin Brian has had a difficult life.  His saving grace has been his adoption by my wonderful Aunt and the incredible love of his sister and her new husband. 

You see Brian was born a special child.  And when he was adopted no one really understood the extent of his abilities or disabilities.  After some time it was determined he had profound hearing loss and developmental disabilities.  Some doctors claimed schizophrenic tendencies, others severe autism. Each doctor brought new opinions, new treatments, new therapies, new drugs. 

Over his 45 year life, he has run through a gamut of pharmaceuticals - some that worked, some that didn't, to manage his psychological issues - all that resulted in damaged kidneys.  After years of dialysis he finally received a kidney transplant and this August is to celebrate 3 years with the new organ.  He is doing well in a good group home environment, he shows love and affection and communicates with the family well, and after losing my uncle - his father and buddy - 7 years ago, he's finally returning to a balance point.

Two weeks and one day ago, Brian was ok.  Two weeks ago he had a stomach ache.  Two weeks minus one day ago, Brian was given an end stage lymphoma prognosis.

We've all been floored by this.  Brian has had to struggle most of his life just to survive and now that he is more than surviving, he is flourishing, a new threat to his survival is here.

So, I ask again, when a family crisis arises and your loved ones ask you to pray for them, and you don't really believe, what do you do? If you're me, you focus on love and you cast your wishes to the universe and hope the believers are right, and you are (I am) wrong.

So here is a prayer from a non-believer.

To powers of the universe,
please have mercy on this good and kind man.
please consider that he gives love and receives love and wishes love and does not understand the lack of love.
please give peace to him and to his family as they struggle to find their way.
please help us all to remember the love that binds us and bonds us.
please make that love strong enough to weather whatever happens.
please care for this innocent soul and the diseased body in which it resides. there...

Will you - believers and non - join me in sending your wishes to the universe?


michiganme said...

For me, prayer is an acknowledgement that the power of the universe is unfathomable and that I can't fix everything. It's a way to focus my thoughts and feelings, it's a way to change the world by changing myself and finally it's a way to express gratitude.

I think praying for your cousin Brian is a wonderful gesture of gratitude for what his life means to you as well as how your love for him has changed you.

My prayers & good wishes are on their way...MIME

AmyBow said...

sending all that i have to your family up north. prayers are about solace and hope. whatever provides you comfort and helps you feel you are actively contributing to Brian improving is all that is required, methinks.

Sue said...

Seriously, autism, kidney failure and lymphoma? Dear Power of the Universe, lay off this man. Let him be. My prayers are with you and his family.

Chelle said...

sorry to hear about Brian's health, your prayer is beautiful and if anyone is out there listening I am sure it will help

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I will--I'm sorry I didn't see this sooner.

The prayer is wonderful--I have never seen it, but it is perfect.