Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Moving On.

It's finally time. We're moving. Offices, that is.

I was in this space for about 3 years or so...in this building for about 7 years. The company had been in this office park for more than 30 years! Needless to say, people were a little nostalgic...even for this broken down wreck of a building that had us constantly trying to manage our business through plumbing failurs, water main breaks, power failures, and massive blizzards or ice storms on an open parking lot.

The old empty office after weeks of sorting, purging, and packing.
Say good-bye to a window and wooded view.

Moving Out Day.

Moving In Day.

Unpacked and sorted out.

I expect this level of organization to last about 10 minutes.

My only view now.

But all in all... a smooth move and I'm okay with moving on.

Especially when this is the view on the drive home.

Soon I'll add the beautiful pots and orchids my sister bought me and some of Hubby's gorgeous artwork and it will all be good.

P.S.  Just learned that two days after move, the old office is once again experiencing a water main break that has shut down the entire office park.  So glad we are here!


Mama Lou said...

I am so glad you are there and hope that you can manage the loss of the view until you go home but remember it must be before dark!!
Only mom doing her work!!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I guess you gain a little and you lose a little. I'm sure your glad it's over!

Susan said...

Hope the art work overcomes the loss of he window! I tend to need a window...water is pretty essential though!

Anonymous said...

I would certainly miss that view - but maybe you'll get way more work done now that you don't have it any more? (Just looking for a silver lining ...)