Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Roma Day One, Part Two

So we checked in to our apartment.  A young stud was our welcoming agent...who proceeded to want to hear much more about Chicago and New York than to tell us about Rome.  He is obviously like most home town folks...they don't see the romance in their own city and think the glamour is all in other places.  Meanwhile...let's talk about glamour.  THIS was our living room.

And let's talk quaint, picturesque, and romantic....

Room with a view.

Straight across the way...when I first looked out there was a gentleman in the window who greeted me with a friendly, "Buon Giorno!"

And here is a typical rooftop view - antennaes in all kinds of configurations!

After settling in, and a short post-luncheon nap.  We headed out again to try and figure out how to walk the streets the driver had escorted us on.  With lots of winding twists and turns, we eventually found ourselves (surprisingly) in the Piazza Navona.  One of the most beautiful piazza's in all of Rome.

This is the Fountain of the Four Rivers (circa 1647ish). Do you recognize it? Did you see the movie, Angels and Demons? This is the fountain that Tom Hanks jumps in to save the Cardinal.

Laura and I pose.

 John and Laura take a turn .

The Piazza is full of gypsies, street performers, trattorias, and tourists.  We were so happy that weather was gorgeous while we were there and this is the first of almost every meal being eaten outside.    We ate at Tucci's...just one of several restaurants with outside seating and atmosphere.  I think we picked it because there was a wonderful singer/guitar player performing in front of it.  We tipped her at least twice! 

Happy travelers getting food and wine and great service from the staff at Tucci. 

Typical night street view.
A narrow street, sidewalk diners, a church in the distance. So gorgeous.

We were back at the apartment and tucked up in bed pretty early.  Day two was going to be the big Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour day and Carl wanted an early start to the day...."Let's see the Trevi Fountain before any tourists get up!" 

Day Two: Alarm Clock set for 6AM!


Carl said...

I know where this is going.....

Kate Hanley said...

I just watched Nine and your pictures are just like the movie! They were great!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

It does all look like a movie set--gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Oh, this takes me back ever so many years. You have given me a thirst to go back to Rome. When I was there, however, it was July and incredibly hot.