Sunday, September 25, 2011

Life Chronicle

I've noticed many bloggers I used to follow are posting more sporadically and as I've repeatedly too.  I will, however, give myself credit for sticking with this for as long as I have - over 3 years - which beats my former diary record by a good 2 years, 50 weeks and 4 days. 

But this weekend was a wake-up call for why I should try more diligently to continue.  I spent about 24 hours in the highly enjoyable company of a dear friend from long ago.  A truly wonderful woman with whom I was fortunate to spend those painful junior high and high school development years.  And as we talked (and talked and talked and talked) every time we tried to talk about the "good old days" I found tremendous holes in our memories. Likened to swiss cheese is my sad little brain.  

We spent an hour or so spying on old high school "friends" on facebook.  Hating on those who have aged better and more beautifully than us....enjoying far too much when the result appeared to be the opposite.  Essentially we were reverting to our immature 15 year old selves...trying to shun the cliques who were actually shunning us.  Yes RASCK you know who you were.  We talked about the teenagers in our lives and the different experience they are having growing up and I found myself wishing I had been granted the opportunity at their age to blog, tweet, and facebook every possible (non)newsworthy moment and thought of my life.  This of course with the caveat that I would also need to have operated with an intelligent adult level of judgment on appropriate information sharing. 

While it may be impossible to recreate those teen years, the early 20's when I was beginning an adult life, and those 30's when I was growing into a fully-cooked human...I could, with some stick-to-it-ive-ness chronicle my 40's! 

After all, I'm nearly halfway to 50.


JeannetteLS said...

I think this is the part of FAcebook I've loved the most--catching up with people I grew up with. Being WAY over halfway to 60, well, I forget things even though I journal. sigh... But we have a group "You know you grew up in XYZ if..." and it has been fun remembering our hometown in the fifties and sixties, and catching up. What I learned by hitting a reunion in my forties was that people wanted to let go of cliques for sure, and we all mingled far more. Some bullies apologized! Truly. What I notice now is that we all like putting up childhood profile pictures, not the real deal. Gee. Why is that?

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Your caveat doesn't work though--I am not seeing universal common sense among the younger set in the use of social media. I fear it will be as cringe-worthy when they look back as our teenage diaries were.

I think the really great thing about Facebook is that you need never lose track of your friends.